Isn’t It Ironic?

Remember that song by Alanis Morissette?  The old joke is that none of her examples were irony at all, just coincidence.

And perhaps it’s just coincidence too that since joining a writing class I’ve stopped doing my own very favourite sort of writing, blogging here every day.

In my defence, there are two great reasons for this.

A pre-requisite for the course was that we found an extra hour or two in the writer’s chair every day, seven days a week. How else are you going to call yourself a writer? How else are you going to get the practice you need to improve? And the first week of the course this was great because it meant I had even more time to do my favourite sort of writing, here on my blog. Yay!

The second and third week this didn’t work out because our assignment was just to write one long piece for all seven days and to have it be almost free association. The idea was just to get the words – wild and free – onto the blank page, no editing. Well I couldn’t share that with my readers. It would have appeared as though suddenly I had gone stark staring bonkers. And I don’t think anyone wants to read 9,000 words of free association on a blog, do they?

The next week our job was to edit that down to something usable, edit it down perhaps as low as 400 words. 400 words from 9,000? Unfortunately, again, for me, I had chosen to free associate on something I had planned would never see the light of day, something personally cathartic. Which proved a bit of a problem as at the end of the third week my teacher wanted to read it. Eek!

And the fourth and final week of the course, well by then I’d been hired by someone else to do their blogging for them so my hour or two in the writer’s chair every day has been for someone else’s blog, not my own.

Blogging for someone else is a strange thing. After channelling that person for two to three hours a day there’s no way I could go back and write in my own voice any more. It’s like having a temporary period of your life in which you have dual personalities.

But the good news for me – and the bad news – is that gig ends on Monday so by the middle of next week I shall be back blogging here.

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