It Isn’t The End Of The Story Yet

My life is a story. Most episodes in my life have endings, happy or sad or in between, and some run on as a thread throughout all the chapters of my life. It’s a bit messy, frankly, and not as neat or linear as I’d like.

And some of my micro-stories are still in play, others have ended long since and I know the end of those particular ones. They’re done and dusted, I’ve put them to bed and either celebrated the successful outcomes or assimilated the learnings.

My clients are exactly the same. I sometimes catch myself saying “It isn’t the end of the story yet”. Let me explain what I mean by that. We thinkers and egotists seem to have extricated ourselves from dancing in the magic of life. We think we can make everything happen the way we want, that we can force it. I’ve come to appreciate that’s not true, by and large.

I have known one beloved former client for a while now and she’s become a lovely friend. She’s put two or three years into wanting to buy a particular sort of house in a particular sort of location and it hasn’t happened yet. A large part of me believes she will be successful in that endeavour although I have no idea how this will come to pass or when, because it isn’t the end of the story yet.

However, she’s hung up on the cursed hows and frustrated because it isn’t happening fast enough. She’s micro-managing, she’s somewhat desperate, she’s scrabbling to make it happen at any price and her magical, allowing energy recedes all the time. The more frantic she becomes, the less likely this is to end well and this just multiplies the negative vortex. Tricky.

She knows that I’m a believer and I expect her to manifest this in the end and I encourage her to relax a bit and make the best of where she is while she’s waiting for the magic to unfold. Sometimes this falls on deaf ears, other times she pays attention, follows or adapts my advice and miracles start to occur in a natural easy way which gives both of us hope again and a renewed sense that her plan is accelerating once more and that everything is unfolding perfectly.

I try not to polish up my excited and triumphant “I TOLD YOU SO!” but that same big part of me anticipates using it one day, yes I do. And I visualise attending the house-warming party with a glass of the fizzy stuff in my paw, and I see my pal happy in her new home. But I think she’s got to find a way to be happy now as well, to be a vibrational match for that perceived happiness she desires, and I encourage that at every invitation I get to poke my beak in.

People either get what they want and deserve and pursue or they don’t. And either way is perfect. I know this is galling to read. I’m not that keen on it in my life either, to be honest with you, but it is delicious to watch life’s rich pattern unfolding for each of us and knowing that everything is entirely as it should be. And it’s even easier to watch yours than experience my own – obviously!

If you are applying this concept to loved ones being poorly or, Heaven forfend, dying or really tricky financial stuff you may be being obliged to process or relationships going wrong, then it can be hard to see the gift in your situation right now I feel sure. But later you will see that everything happens as it does for a reason and you probably already know you will emerge stronger and wiser, perhaps sadder, hopefully happier. And, well, just hopeful too.

Either the time isn’t right or the Big U has a plan for you which we can’t see fully yet; we have no choice but to be philosophical. This is why people say it’s the journey that’s important. I don’t always find that easy to agree with. It can be glib and it can be compensatory, neither of which are the vibe of my choice.

My chum needs patience. I need patience. We all need patience. And trust. We must trust that we are on the right path and that if we are not that another better one will offer itself. All we have to do is choose. And if you go along the new one and that’s not right either, you can always pop back to the fork in the road and select again. We have choices and we have free will.

Every time we go the forcing route our plans fail. Every time we relax and allow, things go better and faster again. So what would you be assuming from watching that all unfold, dreams unfulfilled? That it isn’t the end of the story yet, right?

I love to hear your stories. I’d like to hear the ones that ended, happily or sadly, and what you took away from that and how it informed the person you’ve grown into. Equally I’d love to hear the story so far and what your dream outcomes are. I’m an excellent listener and I’m pinning back my ears in anticipation of hearing yours.

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