Jenny: Incredibly Insightful, Helpful and Honest

Jenny JamesonI heard about Judith’s Entrepreneur of the Day calls from not one but three friends. Each one raved about her so much I thought I had to check to see if she could pull me out of the deep funk I’d got myself in.

You see, I was working as Not Just Another VA. It was going OK, in that I had great clients, but I was working too many hours for too little reward. It didn’t really feel like me, and I realised that trading time for money was not working for anyone – not for me, and not for my lovely clients. I was feeling stressed, burned out and entirely demotivated.

So Judith and I hopped onto Skype together. I was a little nervous. I was a bit fearful the call might turn into one of the following:

a) a telling off coupled with a huge “get on with it NOW!”
b) some wishy-washy “well, you could kind of do this, if you wanted to” advice.

I needn’t have worried. Judith certainly has a no-nonsense way about her, but she’s not in the slightest bit judgemental. She has a lightning quick mind. She listened to where I was and asked me where I wanted to be. Within minutes the ideas were firing out! They were coming so fast I had to ask her to slow down a little so I could capture all the incredibly useful, practical and most of all achievable advice.

No wishy-washy here!

We came up with a new business model, a product set and a charging structure. Judith assured me that the model was already working and in use by others. This wasn’t just nice theories! This was advice backed up with reality.

This was two months ago. Since then I’ve got the new domain, set up the new website, defined my product set (with more in the pipeline) and gathered subscribers for my email list. Oh – and created a free five day email course called “Tech Barriers Busted”. Second oh – I also have clients. Proper paying clients, which I got even before I’d launched.

The icing on top of all of this is that I’m not feeling that stress or burnout anymore. I’m fired up! I love my new business and approach it with joy and enthusiasm.

So do book a call with Judith. Or Saint Judith as I call her. She picked me up, dusted me off and pointed me in the right direction. She’s an incredibly insightful, helpful and honest person. My call was a turning point for me and I’m in love with my new direction – which is in profit already!

Jenny Jameson,

Your Biz Your Way

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