Jessy: A Clear And Practical Way Forward For My Business

I received this lovely testimonial this morning from one of my wonderful Entrepreneurs of the Day, Jessy Paston. She has given me permission to share.

Jessy Paston“Judith, I’m still blown away by our conversation last night! My mind is doing overtime but I feel I am starting to see a clear, practical way forward for my business. You put things to me so simply, it was magical. Here is a testimonial for you to use on your site:

“I was feeling quite lost and confused with my business because I started out as a portrait photographer but soon found I was also interested in therapeutic photography. I had lost my voice and direction, not knowing how to portray my growing business to my customers, that is until I had a chat with Judith.

I was a little skeptical, not believing much could be achieved in an hour, but I am blown away by how good Judith is. She was quick to sum up my life and most importantly cleared my confusion within ten minutes into the conversation! My head is now full of ideas of how to move my business forward and I certainly will be using Judith again in the future. I have already recommended her to a number of other sole traders.

It was really refreshing to find someone who was genuinely interested in me and my business and actually listening to what problems I needed solving without any hard sell. Thank you so much Judith”

If you’d enjoy an hour to get clear and find a practical way forward for your own business and to feel that excitement again that Jessy demonstrates, all you have to do is book yourself into my online diary for a free and no-strings, no hard sell call: Entrepreneur of the Day. I do ask for a testimonial in return, either on Facebook or for publication here on my blog.

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