Joanna and the Termites

I learned something inspirational from Joanna and I have her permission to share.

She told me that she had termites. And a four-figure contract to sign for the cost of their removal. And that she had signed it on Monday with no idea how she was going to manifest the funds to pay the bill when it became due. And we had a conversation about how it feels to be in that space and how you make brave decisions based on trust that the funds will appear.

I told her that the accountant in me wouldn’t always or even often let me do it, especially with big sums of money, but the woo-woo me TOTALLY believes that you have to do this. Trust first. Commit first and the funds do magically appear. But it’s risky business.

I told her how Isobel had encouraged me to do that in two big ways, but that I knew I wouldn’t, thankfully as it happens because one of those big ways was to book flights to my island. I told Joanna that our mutual acquaintance, Yvonne, does that, trusting that the Universe has her back and that it always works out somehow. And I reiterated that I totally 100% believe in this concept but that it is so much easier to do and advise when watching someone else do it.

And then Joanna told me, in the same call, that she’d already manifested three-fifths of the bill within 24 hours! And we laughed together and enjoyed that confirmation that really we both understand how this works and that we can absolutely and always trust it.

Later that same day a client talked to me about financial scarcity, just five minutes before the end of her call, so we didn’t have time to get into this and parked it in the spot marked Something for Next Time. But, later in the day, as luck would have it, this message fleeted across my timeline and I shared it with her. Coincidentally (and you know how I feel about those) it is by Pam Grout, whose book Thank & Grow Rich has been making some miracles round these here parts for about a month.

“If my perception is convinced that money is hard to come by, the world’s unlimited abundance cannot get through my blockade. It’s right there, eager to unfold in my life, but my perception has put up orange cones.” Pam Grout

And then Alice wrote that she was grateful she could just buy a new (expensive) washing machine because “money comes in, money goes out”.

And then I received an email telling me that, as a loyalty bonus, one of my monthly subscriptions would go down from £17.99 to £14.99 and that someone had sent me eighty pounds before I spent $99 which converted to approximately the same amount in GBP.

And then I thought… how much more proof do you need, Judith?

And I went “sod it” and splashed out on a US-based techie VA to help me with my Facebook page marketing, a bird (older than me – wow!) and a UK-based chap who is going to do the covers and the design and typesetting and help me with my book stuff design and layout etc.

And I felt absolutely fine about both investments and certain sure that the abundance will manifest to pay for these two angels.

And… and.. and. You can tell from my slightly breathless tone that was an exciting day.

Joanna went on to give me a stonking testimonial on Facebook as she renews for her second year in Small Business Big Magic:

“Exactly a year ago I took up Judith’s offer of a free ‘Discovery call’ during which I blurted out a whole lot of ideas of what I thought I could do with my video marketing business. I knew I wanted to take my business in a different direction but I didn’t know which direction. In that call, she asked me one simple question. I answered it – and then I started going in the direction of that answer and I haven’t looked back – well, apart from now . . . when I reflect on what a year it has been, being coached by Judith and how I don’t think this year would have been half as good had I not had that call with her. Thank you from deep within my heart, Judith.”

Boy… is that woman having an abundant week!

One tiny thought about termites before I go, please under no circumstances be tempted to Google them. I just did that and I will never be able to unsee or unread what I was just presented with. Eek.

And a second tiny thought too – Joanna and the Termites sounds like a band, don’t you think?

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