A Job for Your Head or for Your Heart?

A question flooded in this week. And I have permission to share it here. I suspect you will be able to relate.

“I thought you’d be a good person to ‘talk’ to about a life dilemma that has recently arisen for me. I’m not sure it fits neatly into any of the online groups, so I haven’t posted about it there. In fact, I’m not even sure that it is a real dilemma, but I totally trust you to tell me.

My husband has recently been made redundant from a long-term job of some ten years at the age of 52. He is the sole breadwinner at present so, despite the fact that we have enough money to keep us going for about a year, it is more than a little unsettling. We have no debts aside from our mortgage and do all the right things when it comes to cutting bills etc, so we’re in relatively good shape but I’m concerned nonetheless.

In all likelihood, he will find something else in the near future but my instincts are to plan for the worst. We have talked about downsizing the house to become mortgage free, or at least cut the mortgage drastically, and I am considering looking for some contract work myself to boost the coffers.

The dilemma, such as it is, is that I want to do all the appropriate and adult things to prepare and position us for the future but I don’t want to put a whole bunch of negative energy out into the universe, as opposed to holding an abundant energy and trusting that the right thing will come along. Hmmmmm.

I suppose I am trying to work out where the line is between sensible planning and unnecessary panic.

You are just about the only person I know who has a rock-solid business head and a side of woo-woo, so if you’ve any thoughts then I’m all ears.”

And I replied as follows:

“Almost no-one is unaffected by such pressures at the moment.

I think you’ve got two quite separate jobs to do here. Slash and burn as you have started, that’s a HEAD job. This is an important distinction.

No panic is necessary at all (!). So you will need to manage your emotions, no big deal. This is a HEART/feelings job. Use tapping/EFT. Let me know if you don’t know how to do that.

Use our group and focus on the good and find things to be grateful for every day, however small. Some days it is harder but it is always possible.

You can do both these things at the same time, it isn’t an either/or. They are not mutually exclusive. 

The vibe piece is managing your emotions/your state and I think that’s pretty much our sole job most of the time. For instance, today many are focused on the extreme weather (Ophelia) which I knew from the maps wasn’t going to come anywhere near me geographically but two of my clients have been in a high emotional state, maybe caused by that, maybe not. Tears from one. Anger from another. Emotions are good. Feel them. Don’t block them. Of course, you would feel anxiety around this situation, who wouldn’t? The trick though is not to get stuck in that vibe and, even if you do today or for a few days, the next dawn is always another chance to get the vibe right, up a notch away from fear and towards love.

I also think it is good to remember that whatever has happened we’ve always been alright, and we always will. Something will come from somewhere and always just in time.

You’re OK.


My questioner replied as follows:


This is so, so helpful.

I think I sort of knew that I could be both practical and high vibe but sometimes you just need confirmation from a wiser soul.

Sending you a big hug and deepest gratitude. x”

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