Relentlessly Jolly and Can-Do

Ho Ho HoI am relentlessly jolly (ho ho ho) and can-do. It is just who I am. Allison G calls me the Queen of Positive Thinking. This is mainly true but I can moan with the best of them. I have a couple of people in my life I can moan about until the cows come home and others lose the will to live. And, as regular readers will know, I used to moan about Christmas a lot too. But no more.

People don’t like moaners. They want you to shut the **** up, find a solution and move on. They wonder why on earth you are stuck in moaning and why you don’t take affirmative action with your problems.

My clients write and phone in and ask questions about their problems. Good! I encourage this. I am The Small Business Oracle after all. I am in the solutions business. I want to help them find answers and make progress in their business and their life.

They ask and I offer my tried and tested solutions based on finding my own answers that work for me. I offer other solutions which I know also work, based on observing others, which means they have a choice. We are not all the same. Other clients in my coaching groups will also offer their tried and tested solutions too, people are kind and generous like that. Tried and tested is the point here. We are not just brainstorming but we are offering you choice.

And yet there are some people who prefer to get stuck in the moan zone and tell me why my solutions won’t work for them. Yeah, but…

All I can do is offer. The least you can do is experiment with our solutions.

My friend Susie Who Lives in Manchester brought up three children, often single-handed. Her kids, who are now in their twenties and thirties, call her First Response Negative. Maybe this is a mother thing, who knows? But Susie was reported to always say no to any request her children put in. I have a sense that, just like the chap on The Vicar of Dibley who said no no no no no no no yes, Susie often said yes in the end, at least to some of their pleas, because her children are lovely and also much loved by their Mum.

Are you first response negative? Are you terminally yeah but? Are you boring your friends, family and colleagues with your moaning? Are you Debbie Downer?

The solution is in your own hands. It’s time to start… firstly with a No Moan Zone. Then it’s time to start experimenting with the solutions one at a time and seeing that they do work and that they will solve your problems. You are surrounded by people who love you and want the best for you, but only you can take the actions to improve your life.

After the first one, it gets easier. The truly insoluble problems are few and far between. They might take a little longer and if some of your trickier problems are people, the time will come when you decide simple to distance yourself from them. Yup. How do you think I know that?

Start with something easy, fix that one first, and you’ll be on the way to developing the can-do muscle for yourself. Relentlessly jolly we can wait a little while longer for, but only if you promise to stop moaning the meanwhile.

Take stock of yourself. Change your mind about something. Prove us right by implementing one of our solutions and prepare to be amazed! Do something to change this today. And by tomorrow you’ll be a person who used to moan, just like I was with Chrimbo, as recently as only last week.

This year, give yourself the gift of moving on. And if you need some help with that, buy yourself some of my Listening Vouchers for Christmas. Be heard now. Get some transformational life coaching and ditch the moaning for good! You too could be relentlessly jolly. In fact, it’s what you are here for… to have a wonderful life.


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