Joyful January

Joyful January. It all began with the launch of my new group called I Love My Life (all existing paying clients welcome to join for free, just ask). Our focus is on having a wonderful life now, without waiting a moment longer.

And we talk to each other in the Facebook group just enough to keep us on the happiness track without being overwhelming, ‘cos what would be joyful about that I ask myself? Overwhelm, non merci.

What you focus on increases. And the things we have been joyful about in January have included:

  • daffodils
  • training ourselves to be less busy
  • The Book of Joy written by the Dalai Lama
  • what I learned about joy from trying to help a recently bereaved friend
  • how joy is making a comeback in 2017
  • the Universe conspiring to help us
  • David Nott on Desert Island Discs – joyful tears from me at this one!
  • I Love My Life because…(fill in your own here)
  • Regular happiness audits
  • Reminders that everything we experience is a choice and that we can choose well/better

What was joyful about your January? Do write and let me know. I love to hear from you. You bring me joy when you write in.

And why not take a few moments now to write down what you will choose to focus on in February so that you manifest more joy (or whatever you want) this month?

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