Reading is One of the Great Joys of my Life

The Various Haunts of Men by Susan HillToday is a beautiful sunny day, the sort which inspires drying your laundry outside in the garden. Yesterday was lovely too. Aren’t we lucky to have enjoyed two consecutive sunny days in March, and on a weekend? It would be a crime to spend today reading, but that’s precisely what I intend to do although I might do a little of it in a chair in my garden.

It’s a day for cleaning the windows really, but this month’s book club read is the rather gripping whodunit by Susan Hill called The Various Haunts of Men and it makes me want to throw my Sunday To Do list to the wind, and relax with a good book. I have enjoyed a completely relaxing sunny weekend and I’m feeling rather happy about it. I’m not much of a one for marking a weekend, since every day is a Saturday when you are self-employed in as much as you get the choice about what you want to spend your time on and when. But this weekend it has seemed entirely appropriate to just chill out and I have the sunshine to thank for that. I’m grateful, sho’nuff. Sunshine is a personality changer in the UK, or so say the baristas at Starbucks. We all start smiling.

What is your best treat on a well-deserved Sunday break? I see many are sharing their photos on Facebook of getting out and about, tuning up their bicycles and going for a spin, or sorting out the garden. We are just three weeks from moving the clocks forward into British Summer Time. Bring it on. I feel the sap rising and the optimism surging again.

Reading is one of the great joys of my life. What are your great joys? And what do you love to do on a sunny weekend?

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