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Today I was featured in an article about blogging (one of my all-time fave things to do, blog, not necessarily be featured although that’s always nice too!). It was published by Dr Lisa Orban of Golden Notebook and here’s my bit. You can read the article in full HERE.

I am The Business Blogger but the article includes contributions from bloggers who are experts in lifestyle, travel and parenting too.

The Business Blogger

Judith Morgan of Judith Morgan: The Small Business Oracle is a business coach who has been blogging for over 12 years – even before WordPress started! She is the author of Your Biz Your Way, which you can find on her site.

How do you communicate your personal brand through your blog?

“I write in my own unique voice. I don’t follow any received wisdom about how blogging should be done, I just get on and do it my way. I want to showcase me, my work and my clients so that those considering working with me can get a really good sense of what it’s all about, who I am and how I work before we speak. I don’t worry about what people will think, although I believe I have a good personal filter and don’t share anything which I consider to be inappropriate, though others may disagree and that’s absolutely fine by me and one of the ways of connecting best with my ideal client.

I aim to achieve rapport by writing about topics which arise during my real work with other micro business owners, and which I know will be of value to other readers and potential clients just like them.”

What is it that you do that attracts your audience? What is the X factor that makes you successful?

“What you see is what you get. I communicate my brand values in word and deed and try to live up to those in everything I do, not just on my blog and website and social media but in the delivery of my services especially, and to get all of that to collide beautifully, honestly and truthfully and in a way which feels – and is – real.

I am razor sharp and blunt, there’s no point in pretending otherwise. I don’t do pretend. Yesterday a woman described me as having “got it right”, that to her I appear to be happy doing what I’m doing. That’s absolutely true, I am and that message is clearly getting through. That’s joyous for me, and that sort of feedback is very useful so I know what’s working and for whom.

Recently a writer I respect described me “funny, direct, straight to the point and always insightful.” Again, this is spot on. If I am communicating that and readers are getting it, I’m doing something right. My goal is to keep improving on that communication and connection, and making even more delicious Marmite-y matches.”

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Your Biz Your Way

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