Julia: A Way Out Of My Cluelessness And Confusion About My Business

JuliaThis week I spoke with Julia in Austria (I’m getting to be so INTERNATIONAL!) who kindly sent me this heart-warming testimonial about the value I was able to deliver to her fledgling business in just one coaching/mentoring session.

“I have recently started my own business in energy work. Before my coaching with Judith, I made a list of the many problems I had with regards to my business, and since Judith is so quick, resourceful and full of valuable, experience-based advice, we were able to address ALL of them. Like: How do I find customers and make the money I need and want? How do I present myself in a way that feels authentic? Am I really worth what I charge? After only one coaching call, I have a good answer to all of my questions. Making my business work and being happy and wealthy with it seems possible now, and I even have a route and plan to get there. What I liked most is that in Judith’s style of marketing, you only do things that you like doing, instead of things that feel forced.

I did not think it was possible to find a way out of my cluelessness and confusion about my business and into clarity and a feasible and fun plan of action in just one session – but it is! Thank you, Judith!” ┬áJulia, EnergySessions.at

Thanks from me to you, Julia. Good luck with implementing all of this and do keep in touch. Bless you. x

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