A Leap of Faith: Jump and The Net Will Appear

JumpI have started to live from the place of doing everyday now what I would do if I were already living the ideal life of my dreams. And in so doing, I realise I am in almost all ways already living my ideal life. Writing. Reading. Meditating. Working with clients on Skype. Since I have been doing this there was a weekend where, as I did it, the weather in the UK precisely matched that I have in mind too – 30 degrees. It was that hot in my real life and that hot in my ideal life too, the life I write about in my Pray Rain journal. My two lives collided.

So we were debating this in a group I run about money and asking ourselves what do we want lots of money for, what will we do with it when we have loads or win the lottery and Anne said she would take lots of trips, and find ways to work only for those she loves and adores and that having money would mean she would get the opportunity to work with the very best people in her sector. And I wondered (aloud, in writing) if Anne couldn’t do all those things now, without having her financial ship come in necessarily right now, today.

And Abundant Anne replied:

“Hi Judith

You know, I know that feeling of nearly there – I have that as well. I live in a beautiful part of the world, have a happy family life, get to do my spiritual stuff (morning pages, meditations) every day. I get to do work I love; I get to write and practise music. And I actually only have 1-2 customers that I don’t already regard at some level as friends. The answer is that yes I could actually do that financially from where I am. It might be a stretch but it’s doable. Now, there’s a good place to come from.”

Now there’s a good place indeed.

And I’m wondering if we couldn’t all have a bash at this, what do you say? Some call it “living as if” but that does also have some slightly dodgy connotations for me, but it is fun to try on for size and get closer and closer to our dream life in our everyday reality. I really think we can do this perhaps more easily than we had thought previously and we can thus align our two lives so the gap is so small it’s easy to jump over when the time is right.

Whither authenticity of which you speak so much, Judith, I hear you cry? I don’t think this is inauthentic, quite the reverse. I am “living” my bliss.

I like to tell the tale of when coach Rachel Turner asked me this question in a workshop way back: “If this were your last day on earth what three things would you spend your time doing?” And I answered “reading, writing and swimming in the turquoise water.” And I can do two out of those three every day, right now, without leaving my home.  And my Pray Rain journal writing has me living where the swimming in the turquoise water is an everyday possibility, nay necessity, even virtually.

This all has a certain logic to it which sort of makes me go “duh” as if I’ve been a bit thick about this previously.

As for the leap of faith, the jump and the net will appear, I suspect the day dawns ever closer when I will have no choice; in fact, I may already have jumped, only time will tell. All of the people I have been talking to recently have been thinking and feeling the same thing too, and it will come down to our “ometer” in the end, the internal thingy you use to measure yourself and your bravery. Surely the day must come for all of us when remaining tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom, to paraphrase Anais Nin.

How close to that leap of faith are you?

What’s it going to take for you to jump?

1.2.3. After me?

Or will you go first?

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