Just Another Manic Monday – In Anticipation of Project De-Bag

I promise you that today I didn’t work as hard as I often do. Nevertheless, here is a list of what I did do. I list this as part of my preparation for the de-baggaging project, about which more later.   First I begin with awareness. If I know what I am up to, I can elect to do less of it.

Began the week with our usual T1ME team meeting with Janet & Yvonne on DimDim (new, cheaper web conferencing service we are testing out as an alternative to Instant Teleseminar) which makes us all feel rather dim dim as we havent cracked it yet.   Sent out the weekly ezine reminding members of a community call at 8 a.m. tomorrow and a focus day at 2 p.m. on Thursday, talk to Sandra re two new web pages called What’s On and Audio Library.

Paid a couple of bills online and cancelled a duplicate service with Sage Pay which is no longer required (been meaning to do that one for ages), £23.50 pcm saved + one more bank entry saved each month and the toleration busted.

Sent more money to Cyprus online for the syndicate I am managing which invests in gold.  Talked to at least three investors who want to invest more and two friends who I dont want to miss out, confirmed an appointment to meet someone on Thursday to discuss his getting in on it too, talked to one of my IFAs who had a brilliant idea how he can use it with his contacts.   I didn’t understand where he was coming from, it seemed to me he wanted to complicate something which is blissfully simple, however I can connect him to one of the team behind it when the second chap returns from holiday on 27/7.   It was too hot to bend my mind to trying to understand his concept though.

Dealt with responses via Facebook & Twitter to my plans to divest myself of all my books and was obliged to allow a spontaneous visit from two local pals who were clients in my old accounting days. They love books and wanted first dibs. Although it was a hectic day, I allowed this because the husband has been rather poorly and books will cheer him up. I know he and I share a taste for whodunnits and I had a few of those he fell upon. Their visit was short as he tires easily.   But the outflow of clutter has begun, hallelujah.

I receive and reply and allow comment on yesterday’s blog post about my new plans, both encouraging, one setting up a dialogue which runs throughout the afternoon on email.

I connected very briefly with Marion of the OnlineBusinessGym about the shape of my new blogsite to reflect this change of direction, despite the fact that we have an appointment to do this on Thursday; I cannot wait and M is patient with me and it is but a few moments on Skype.

Worked with a coaching client in Riyadh for an hour, also on Skype.

Talk on email throughout the day with Sharon re Project De-Bag as it is now called, about which more later.   Sharon agrees to help me work out ebay so I can sell three old laptops, one of which is tiny but pristine. Sales proceeds should fund purchase of ipad.

I support Andre by tweeting and RT’ing his promotional tweets for his telesummit which begins today. If you are a health professional who could use a fuller practice, check this out.

Received an email from Jack, the lovely chap who waters my garden, he popped up at lunchtime and gave it a good soaking. Also negotiated with Nick, the gardener, to come and do some weeding tomorrow so the garden looks glam for the Creation Experiment Summer party here on Friday afternoon this week.   Just remembered, I promised to pay Jack online, I will go and do that now.   Done.

Sent out 3 tweets, strange… that felt like more.   Kept abreast of what was going on on Facebook. Thinking this latter one is probably a waste of my time and may get the chop in the upcoming Project De-Bag.

Receive a new book in the post, read the first 81 pages of it – some by lying down on the sofa mid-afternoon. It’s called Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields, as recommended to me by Nicola Cairncross during her visit to me last Thursday.

Went to order some new clothes online in response to the summer sale brochure from Lands End which arrived in the lunchtime post until I realised that I am trying to get rid of stuff not acquire more, so cancelled order before completing.

In the same spirit, I modified online my order for my ipad by deleting some of the desired accessories. Still havent placed my order on the Apple Store but have stored it for future spend. Checked with computer man when he’s getting married to ensure its not in the middle of my intended delivery/initiation; also dealing with a handheld device malfunction with him and liaising between him and Sandra on my web email address which seems to have stopped working when we moved servers weeks back.   If you have emailed and not received a reply, please accept my apologies, that’s the reason and it ain’t fixed yet.

Contemplated going paperless with banks and service providers. Accountants like a nice invoice to file but all this outmoded filing of paper and lever arch files has to cease if I am to be truly free and de-baggaged.

Made some final-ish tweaking plans with Bianca for the Creation Experiment summer party on Friday. We have two lovely women on our Waiting List now to become members of our monthly Woo Woo group.

Made an egg sandwich for lunch.   Devoured same in The Abundance Shed whilst continuing to work.

Hooked up with someone called Paul Kemp, who I like the look of; he does squeeze pages and marketing via mobile telephones. He’s a Brit and fresh and new to me and I like his marketing but non-sales-y approach. We exchange emails and Skype names and agree to speak.

I connect online with two renewed contacts, courtesy of Tom Evans as he follows up on our meeting of Friday: Chantal Cornelius of Passion for the Planet re my desire to have my own internet radio show/station on T1ME, and Christine Miller of Resource magazine in connection with our proposed publishing arm.   Set up 3-way Skype meeting on 5th August with Tom and Janet to get going on writing our first T1ME book. Things move fast when you work with Tom Evans.

Coach a handful of clients by email, a couple of them specifically on property issues, the rest on celebrating unexpected and delightful synchronicities, those everyday occurrences in the life of a coach.

Decide against holidaying in France for two weeks in September; let best friend down gently by email to somewhat distressed response.   I’ve spent two days looking for somewhere to stay with no avail and anyway September is not a good time for me to be away.   I would rather have a month off at Christmas-time.

Email my property lawyer about optioning my entire portfolio. Field a call from a potential seller in Leeds who I am helping to work with a tenant-buyer so both parties can do a deal. Invited her to call again on Wednesday when property lawyer is with me.

Picked up a handful of phone calls, receive over 180 emails and respond to about 100 of them, deleting the rest.   Must slash that by 50% in Project De-Bag. At least.

Make supper and eat while watching an elderly episode of Top Gear on iplayer, the one where James May drives his truck up the Icelandic volcano which caused so much trouble in April.

Realise that Project De-Bag will require not just the ridding of mortgages, loans, debts, properties (on options perhaps), books, photos, clutter, excess, companies, bank accounts, files, old computers but also the reduction of emails, commitments, body weight, shoes, clothes, busyness, paperworking, filing, not buying things, snail mail, URLs, whilst intending to only do one thing at once, i.e. stop multi-tasking and saying NO more.   You can see why.   And I am sure this list will grow and grow until there is literally nothing left to cull.

As I said, just another manic Monday but due to the heat, I probably was only firing on about three quarters of my cylinders, possibly even slightly less.   Am somewhat shocked that, as one of my correspondents lets me know today,  John Reese has got his baggage in the world down to one backpack and a laptop.   I am just heartbeats behind this great man – read his story of de-baggaging here.

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