Just Like Starting Over: Podcast Ep 180


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Someone has written to me asking what I would do if I were starting again in business now. I honestly don’t know is the truth. The only regrets I have over the last forty years include that I chose something so sedentary and (these days) computer based as I am not sure that’s good for my health; actually, I’m certain it’s not. Nicola and I debate whether typical standing-up/moving around/ physical jobs are any better for the body and conclude they all involve physical and emotional stresses and strains.

Nicola knows she would start an Amazon FBA business. FBA means fulfilled by Amazon so you don’t have to invent, manufacture, stock or ship your product, you source it and supply it to Amazon and they do the rest.

Before the end of the show I have a lightbulb moment where I can think of endless things I’d love to do as a volunteer but not commercially, including becoming a beachcomber and cleaning up the beaches as part of cleaning up the planet (not sedentary) and/or making sure that every woman and girl in the world has access to sanitary protection, especially where they cannot afford it.

I decide, for now, that if I were starting over in business it would have to involve writing, perhaps being a Promo Angel for my clients who deserve good marketing but are unable or unwilling to do it for themselves and I’d do it on a partnership in their business basis, i.e. for a percentage of sales.

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All week long while I’ve been pondering this question I’ve been singing John Lennon’s song called (Just Like) Starting Over.

In other news, Nicola’s back in the UK for a week to catch up with family and speak at the ICF conference at County Hall in London. She arrives just in time for a Phew! What A Scorcher Bank Holiday weekend and is surprised to find Sussex lighter in the mornings that Stoupa. I tell her about my week including Richard’s birthday cartoon, my sleepless night which was the reason for our speaking on Bank Holiday Monday instead of the more usual Thursday the week before, and star-spotting in Waitrose amongst other local goings on in my new gaff.

We debate how she might answer some of the tougher questions about the coaching profession/industry at the ICF conference which is tomorrow as at the time of recording the show, and I don’t envy her some of the tougher ones. I read her a fabulous review I’ve received for my book on waking on BH Monday:

“Just finished YBYW Judith, absolutely loved it! I feel like I have been on a lovely walk with you, where we were deep in conversation. You were forceful where you needed to be and not afraid to just tell me to STOP IT as and when required. But you were gentle, understanding and supportive too. You just KNOW what I am thinking, feeling, resisting and also what I want to achieve and you have the unerring faith that I am capable of it too! Simply brilliant, thank you so much!”

Our Words of the Week are Professionalism (mine) and Family (hers).

In Project Updates we are thin on the ground for news but excited to share that the podcast’s revenue from Radio Public today has passed $7 and also overtaken my own little poddy!

Finally, we talk about Who or What’s Impressed us and, for me, it is Brewdog and their Equity for Punks and, for Nicola, it was the volunteer Greek firefighters who saved her and her sister from being evacuated last week during a dramatic night of fires in the olive groves.

Talk of volunteers at this very last moment in the show prompts me to realise that although I am uncertain about starting over in business, there are many things I would dearly love to do as a volunteer. How odd!

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