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Today’s blog guest is make-up artist Jutta Russell who has created her own very successful website about biodynamics. Here she is in her own words:

JuttaMy name is Jutta Russell and I am originally from Vienna, Austria, but have been living in the UK now for over 20 years. I currently reside in London and am married to a Brit and have two sons aged 13 and 10.

Since 1995 I have been a make-up and hair designer in the British Film and TV industry.  Over the years I have been lucky to be involved in films and TV productions such as The Fifth Element, Saving Private Ryan, the Harry Potter films, Downton Abbey and most recently Star Wars. I still love my day job.

A few years ago I decided to branch out and build a passive income. I grew up with Biodynamics, which is a holistic/organic way of life based on the principle that days not only have dates, but also certain qualities and started a website called Living With The Moon. 

My aim with this website is to inform people about the Biodynamic way of life, share tasty recipes and tips about holistic beauty, diet and all aspects of social, career and life decisions. I do enjoy writing articles and love to get feed-back from people as far away as Japan and Australia. It really is amazing how small the world becomes once you go online!

I have created a series of Biodynamic calendars and have built up a small following of people who use these calendars to enhance their day to day living. Recently I had to take the website down for a few weeks for technical reasons and I was amazed of how many people got in touch to say how much they missed the site and the calendars.

So far people who subscribe to my site receive monthly newsletters with a free monthly calendar and they can also buy e-books.  I am soon (time permitting) launching a few more e-books about beauty and diet tips. Very recently I got in touch with Weleda (a Biodynamic skin care range) who want to work together with me in promoting the Biodynamic way of life.

The side I hate the most about the internet business is the technical aspect of it, as I am not very technical minded. I am also very time-poor, so I find it hard to do social media and marketing. I have decided that in the near future I am looking to hire somebody with these skill sets so I can concentrate on the practical and content side and give talks and lectures.

The project I look most forward to is to start up an affiliate marketing scheme, where I can promote products and services that I feel passionate about (like this wonderful organic make up range that I recently discovered, actresses and fellow make up artists love it, too) and I am looking forward to find more compatible products and services.

On this note, if any of you have or know of products or services that you think are compatible, please get in touch with me via my website. Also any ideas/stories/literature and else on affiliate marking and schemes are very welcome, too.

I shall look forward to meet you in person one day.

X Jutta

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