Karen Revell: Coach and Mentor

Today’s final guest on my August blog is corporate escapee Karen Revell whose mission now, as coach and mentor, is to help those wanting to follow their passion or calling. More power to her, just imagine what a better world we would all live in if we could find a way to do that! Here’s Karen, in her own words:

Karen RevellMy name is Karen Revell and I am a coach and mentor for those wanting to leave their job to follow their passion or calling.

I’m also an ex corporate career girl having left the world of finance behind me and a keen footie fan. You’ll see me supporting my beloved Chelsea down at the Bridge.

I’ve also trained in and taught the Pilates method and helped people manage their stress and wellbeing. I like to spend my down time reading a book, learning something new or eating out with my partner or good friends. I love to travel and explore new places or just chill out by spending time in my apartment in Spain.

My business has had several names and guises over the years but I’ve finally settled with KarenRevell.com and just being myself.

I started it several years ago after leaving a long corporate career in finance and then project management because I was tired of sacrificing my life in order to achieve success. I also wanted to do something more fulfilling. Initially I helped others to leave the corporate world to do the work they find rewarding and do it in a way that integrates with their lifestyle rather than constantly competes against it.

Although this is still the crux of my work, I am focusing on those who really want to make a positive impact in the world and make it a better place.

I help them to connect and align to a deeper purpose and get their message and work out into the world so it honours them and benefits mankind as a whole. In most cases this means making a corporate escape, creating a purposeful business and a nurturing lifestyle to support them and their dreams.

In my past career I was an accountant, a leader and a management consultant and now mix the practical side of business with a deeper soul connection. I think it’s about connecting head and heart, helping them to tap into their passion and purpose, have freedom and fun in their life and create income and impact through their work. I take a very holistic approach to working with my clients, helping them create both the business and lifestyle that works for them.

The things I love best about working for myself are the freedom and flexibility over my time -the ability to choose how and where I work each day. I also love the people I work with – my clients and the communities I’m part of.

The surprises have been the wonderful people I’ve met along the way. Some have become my closest friends despite only meeting them once or twice in the flesh.

I’m always hearing about how much personal development is involved in starting a business. Although there has been a lot of learning to do, I personally can’t say it’s been as stretching as my corporate career. There I constantly had to move outside my comfort zone and be bold. As a small business owner finding my own path, it’s been much more about letting go – of the beliefs, the labels, the influences and even some of the advice. I’ve had to learn to listen to my inner self and be willing to be vulnerable; and that has been the greatest challenge and continues to be so.

On the business side the thing I’m most looking forward to in the coming months is connecting and working with more people who are making or want to make a positive difference in the world.

On the personal front it’s selling my house and moving somewhere new (I’m not sure where that is yet) and getting back to travelling again with an upcoming trip to Burma.

Find out more about Karen on Twitter: @KarenRevell

And Like her Facebook Page too: Facebook.com/TheGreatCorporateEscape

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