Kill It Off or Keep It Going: Our Podcast! Ep 156

After 156 episodes the focus of the show turned to should we find a way to keep Own It! the Podcast going, or kill it off? Two reasons:

  1. It is almost impossible to come up with something by way of a Client Challenge of the week every week and
  2. Nicola was suffering from comparisonitis today, watching younger podcasts achieve what she considered to be better results.

She asked me what we should do about it, and weirdly I had been thinking similar thoughts. We are going to get our heads together next Monday to brainstorm some marketing ideas but we think we have pushed it as high up the iTunes charts (#78) as we can without either spending money on marketing or putting more of our own time and energy into that activity.

We made a couple of swift immediate decisions, that we would (probably) do away with our podcast’s Facebook Page in favour of our Facebook Group, and we would stop calling it client challenge of the week and call it focus instead, which gives us permission to discuss anything which seems to be going on in our lives and work. After all, we are fairly typical of our listener – digital nomad, self-employed from home, interested in marketing, and in growing and sustaining our entrepreneurial activities. I also think we should consider calling it an internet radio show and reminding people they can listen at our podcast website without having to go anywhere near iTunes unless they want to and unless they understand what a podcast is.

LISTEN HERE TO #156 of OWN IT! The Podcast: The Future of This Podcast

In other news, I’m getting out and about this week, lunches, dinners, meetings which is most unusual for me. And despite my falling over last week and my bruises, I am somewhat emboldened by the fact that my worst fear came to pass and I wasn’t damaged by it. Nicola’s excited about writing a sci-fi trilogy in her creative writing class and about taking some B&W pictures.

Nicola’s son has left his cubicle nation job after a very short period of time and she’s been helping him make us his mind about his future and finding a purposeful direction. And I’m leveraging NaNoWriMo, without officially joining in, to encourage me to create lots of content on my Facebook Page. I’ve enjoyed three bits of fabulous feedback from clients and I discover that’s what it’s all about, not the rave reviews rather that my work with my clients is helping and supporting them in ways they value. Indeed, it is the whole point.

Our Words of the Week are Whispernet (mine) and Research (hers); she’s been oddly excited by research which – again – is most unusual. It’s turning out to be a surprising week, it seems, for both of us.

We have very little to report by way of Project Updates this week. I have to wait for a couple of weeks now before I can publish my book as the chap who’s writing the foreword can’t do that for me until w/c 8th November. But Nicola is pleased that her between Xmas and New Year workshop in Gatwick is filling up nicely.

We are impressed respectively by Nicola’s husband, Irving, and me by my self-employed clients and the juggling that half-term inevitably involves.


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