Knowing What You Are Good At (and Sticking to It!)

I enjoyed a very telling conversation with my Beloved beautician, Sue, last weekend.   She and I have been mutual clients – she did my toes and fingers and I did her accounts for years and years and years.   I was her client first and encouraged her to start her own business.   I think I was already her accountant since she was self-employed but not yet a business owner.   She has two salons now, although the second one has not yet become as successful as her London venture was from the get-go.   Location, location, location with that one.

Anyway, we became friends decades ago, she was one of the honoured guests at my 50th birthday for example and they gave me a lovely gift, a trip on the Orient Express.   Such are we to one another.   And Sue is no fool.   She is an instinctive businesswoman and she has picked up lots over the years.   My sessions on her couch are now just an exchange of news and views, much like she has with any other client, since I retired from doing her accounts a couple of years back.

Sue is a perfectionist and she always makes me laugh at the end of every session by the way she admires her own handiwork.   No modesty there, she knows what she is good at.   And she doesn’t squander those skills on just anyone, you need to be one of her “special” clients to get Da Boss see to you personally.   She is also quite controlling (takes one to know one) and if she says its Strawberry Fields on my toes, Strawberry Fields it is.   I do remember once straying away from her recommendation and it didnt go well.   She was right all along and so I have long since given up trying to control which colours go on my fingers (La La Land currently) and toes, see above.

But it doesnt mean I dont rib her about this and we all have a good laugh every so often about how nice it would be to choose our own colours, knowing full well we are not going to get that opportunity and what’s more, that Sue Knows Best.

She summed it up nicely last visit with this:   “Judith, we have known each other a long time, been friends a long time.   I don’t tell you how to do your job and you don’t tell me how to do mine.   That’s why we are still friends!”  

Many a true word said in jest.   Again, we laughed, at our own brilliance (maybe you had to be there) but Sue demonstrates some of my very favourite entrepreneurial qualities and most of it was encapsulated in that typical piece of her homespun wisdom.  

Don’t mess with those of us who know what we are doing.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Jo Dodds says:

    Hi Judith

    I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. I was listening to your podcast about the blogging challenge earlier when you said that you love writing, and it shows in what you do. You always make me smile and you definitely have a way with words. I’m looking forward to your next 30 days! Thanks

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