Labels Schmabels

I suggest to my clients that it would be useful for our work together if I knew their Wealth Dynamics Profile. But I don’t make it compulsory because it’s going to set them back another $97 on top of what they are already paying me. It’s nice to have. It can be a useful guide. We can work out why some tasks are easy as pie and some feel like pushing uphill. Using their profile, I can help them find their flow.

As it happens, I am a Creator. Thanks for asking. I am also an INFJ in Myers Briggs. A 7 in the Enneagram. And a Taurean. But honestly…? Who gives a flying f***?  Without doubt there is value in all these profiling systems but they are simply a tiny little clue. They are the road map, not the way. They are not an incontrovertible fact.

Yet I am seeing people use them as an excuse for why they can’t do things, and as a place to hide all nice and cosy in their under-achieving comfort zone.  If you are going to use them like that, then labels become just another limiting belief, and even less useful than another quiz on Facebook telling me I have a heart as a big as a dustbin lid or that I should have married Paul Newman – both something I already know, thank you very much – and a lot less fun.

Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once (if you are lucky and don’t bait me).

You are who you are and so am I. I am a Creator, which means that everyday my challenge is fistfuls of my own brilliant ideas. Being a Taurus I am stubborn, yes ’tis true (a shocker, I know). The F in my INFJ does not mean it’s anymore difficult for me to do something than for anyone else, unless I choose that it be so. The 7 in my Enneagram does not mean I am confined to live in that particular box until the day I die, unless I make that choice.

Everything can be simply disregarded or even overcome, if you see it like that, and want or need to achieve your aims and ambitions badly enough. Don’t be a numpty with this profiling s***.

I can change anything I like about myself; my thoughts, my behaviour, the things I choose to believe, the way I act or don’t. Whether I am inclined to be introverted or extroverted. These are just clues. They are pre-dispositions, maybe. But I will need you to convince me even of that. [I had to remove a lot of capitals from this last paragraph. I found I was SHOUTING.]

If you pick any or all of these labels (‘I’m a Scanner, me”) and choose to define yourself by it and hide inside of it, life and work is going to be so much harder for you, when they were ostensibly designed, these profiling systems, to make it all easier. Ditch your addiction to clinging to the label. Be free. Be unique. Be you, your gorgeous self.

Any label is about as much use as a chocolate teapot if you use it as a defence mechanism or a hidey-hole or allow it to limit you in any way, or give you permission not to do something or provide reasons, for which read excuses, why you just cannot knuckle down and get some bloody work done round here.

For goodness’ sake, drop the limiting labels and create your own empowering sense of who you are and all the exquisite wonderfulness that you can be.  Got it? Good… then let’s crack on.


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