They Call Me Lady Luck

Lady-LuckI’m getting really good at winning the lottery. This is really extraordinary for me. And not normal at all. When it was first invented I was convinced I was going to win and win big and I did get the first four numbers in the order they were read out on the first New Year’s Eve.

When the lottery machines were working again after the weekend and the Bank Holiday and I could find out the quantum of my win, I must confess to my disappointment with a somewhat paltry sum for a 4-number match. Then I decided that the lottery was a fool’s game and at some level I continued to believe that for most of the next twenty years.

It’s the maths you see, the odds. They are 14 million to 1 that I will win the National Lottery and a staggering 76 million to won that I will win the Euro Millions. So I let my best friend play on behalf of us both and I put my £2 per week into a piggy bank and paid for us to have treats – a chilly weekend away in Edinburgh one year, a luxurious pair of shoes each the next year and so on; small savings soon add up to value.

Then another clever friend of mine encouraged me to see the lottery as a charitable donation and so last this year I opted back in, thinking of myself as a benefactor and a philanthropist to good causes. I might not win but some other good cause definitely would. In fact, 28 per cent of the lottery’s income is distributed to health, education, the environment, sports, arts, heritage and charities, an impressive £28 billion to date. These are figures I can get my head around and my energy aligned with.

And then it all started to change. One lucky dip ticket (I play online) brought forth four wins within two weeks, total winnings £18.20, enough to play for the next month for free. And so this time I didn’t opt for a lucky dip, I took my “lucky” numbers with me from the LD and played them to win the following month. And hey presto, another £6.50 on Friday night. And all five of these wins on the EuroMillions where the odds are overwhelming against my winning the jackpot, and not the mildly more rational National Lottery.

And here’s what I am musing on now.

The “work” I am doing at the time I began this second go at the Lotto was giving away my time, my coaching, my wisdom, my expertise, my mentoring and my listening skills. I started again just as I got to the end of a month where I offered twenty-nine listening sessions as gifts to mostly complete strangers from all around the world, and followed this up with a bunch of 30 minute Skype calls to clients old and new also for free. So did I go first with my abundance and then become a lucky person, or am I lucky because I am abundant? And are they related at all really?

I first offered myself for free to the world on a Thursday and my first EuroMillions win happened the very next day. Go figure! I’m sure I don’t know the answer to this. What I do know though is that you can have some terrific fun on Google enquiring about odds and discovering that you are ten times more likely to die (DIE, note) after being bitten by a poisonous snake or lizard than win the lottery. As an erstwhile accountant, I love the whole subject of calculating odds and the funnier they are, the better I like them.

But why am I asking Google about reasons NOT to win the lottery, I ask myself, when my intention is to win? Google also reveals that if you don’t play the lottery at all, your chances of winning are truly AWFUL. Yes, that’s true. Yes it is; count me in then.

Now, my combined winnings have only paid for the next month’s gambling for free so many would say that I am in a net loss situation having given away 29 gifts and another twenty or more consultations but that wouldn’t be true either as each person who shows up brings a gift of some sort. What I know too from tithing and playing the charity option in Rich Dad’s Cashflow game is that in that game, and in life, when you give in one direction you receive from another. We lucky people know this. Abundant people know this. Prosperous people know this. And it is my now belief too.

The language we use is important as well. It is about what you choose to believe. Whilst historically I may not have believed myself to be lucky, especially where the lottery is concerned, I do believe that when I give I receive. I don’t give in order to receive, but I am happy to play in that self-fulfilling space and what seems to be becoming a new truth for me is that the more abundant I am, the luckier I get and vice versa. And all I can say is “Woo Hoo!” Frankly, Gentle Reader, you’d be disappointed if I didn’t.

Obviously I am intent upon The Big One next to the extent that I have visualised the arrival of the Camelot folk at my front door.  I know how many of them there are (two), what they are wearing, what they are carrying, how big the cheque is, where they rest it (it’s one of those big ones) and precisely how they offer to help me invest it.

And after that… they invite me to become The Lotto Winners’ Coach so I can help with the personal development issues arising and make sure the lucky winners do not slide back into scarcity.

You may call me Lady Luck!

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