Law of Attraction Part 2 – Podcast Ep 199

In today’s radio show, Nicola and I revisit the topic of the Law of Attraction. Last time we discussed this it was so rich that we decided to call episode 172 part 1 and revisit it one day. That day is today.

In advance of the show, we’d had a preparatory exchange via PM on Facebook. Sometimes we do that about topics we plan to discuss. During that research I listened to part 1 again and told Nicola:

“It is really interesting but hardly about LoA at all, more about how successful people think and what daily practices they follow etc. and overcoming self-doubt and doing it anyway. If you listen and find a trigger in it for part 2, let me know.”

And she replied:

“Well there’s our starting point right there, because that’s what I think the Secret is, hidden in the LOA/Law of Attraction and you obviously think it’s something different.”

Since I am a woo-woo through and through I composed some thoughts about what I think the Law of Attraction is starting with a couple of definitions.

The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. It manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in many ways. Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances.


In the New Thought philosophy, the Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life.

From that point, I rant on quite considerably about vibration, energy, language (and not but), managing my state, EFT, supportive habits of daily ritual, getting a taxi with ease at 10.30 at night in Piccadilly in the rain, the parking fairy, paying attention to everything I consume and how it makes me think and feel, soul/heart/gut, Louise Hay teaching me I could heal my life and start with loving and accepting myself exactly as I am, and being in The Zone… don’t stop my flow on my specialist subject!

When Nicola has time to draw breath, she contributes three stories from her own current real life which illustrate everything beautifully.

LISTEN HERE TO #199 of OWN IT! The Podcast: Law of Attraction (part 2)

In other news, I tell her about Week 2 in Trowbridge and my run-in with the Aga, getting the car serviced for autumn/winter because the life of a nomad involves A Lot More Mileage on the UK’s scary motorways. I’ve discovered a rather nice-looking branch of the M&S food hall just down the road and plan to scope it out for treats for my Bristol-based client who is visiting me on Monday, and I tell Nicola about my trip to Bradford on Avon and the long piece of writing it elicited from me. This leads to talk of pretty-pretty chocolate-boxy towns which are major UK tourist attractions and locations for Ye Olde Englande TV films and historical costume dramas which are very much NOT my bag either. You know the ones, herding your geese from Lark Rise to Wolf Hall et al.

She tells me that she and sister Sarah have enjoyed a quiet week and, despite local thunderstorms, they still made it to the beach twice. She’s looking forward to the Mani LitFest later today which involves a full day of workshops, poetry with Neil Fawcett, Write Club the podcast, memoirs, a local writers’ panel and literary cocktails. Sounds a blast, doesn’t it? Except Nicola takes exception to the so-called word “LitFest”. I do tend to rather agree with her, though Literary Festival is much nicer but quite hard to say. She’s also going to the local arts and crafts fair tomorrow in the garden at Pefko. She’s thinking she might buy some art (not crafts!).

Our respective fires are fuelled by (me) three new clients and noticing something strange but good on my Facebook Business Page, and (her) a writing retreat in a beautiful garden in Kardomyli where she wrote a short story involving Greek vampires. Don’t ask. They do exist apparently but are somewhat different to what we think of as vampires.

Our words of the week are Politics (her) and Prurient (me).

In project updates, I am still very much focussed on getting our listeners to play a major role in our 200th show which we record next week. And Nicola is, to some extent, regretting giving up our Own It! the Podcast website and her own vzine. I tell her she can reinstate both really easily if she wants to. True dat.

I am impressed by something on the X-Factor which in itself is most unusual; I am calling it the Diane Warren moment. And Nicola hs fallen in love with the serious writing of Kate Atkinson, not just her easier detective stuff. This is good news for the writer Nicola is becoming.

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