Learn How To Like Marketing and Love Selling

Buy NowI love both marketing and selling as it happens but my clients tell me they don’t like marketing and they hate selling. Feel this way too? Let me see if I can find a couple of ways to improve that a tad for you.

Let’s do marketing first. It is simply your job to tell enough people in the world about you and what you offer, provide and sell until you hit such a critical mass that the metaphorical phone just rings all the time and often enough to keep you in the lifestyle to which you intend to become accustomed.

There are a million and one ways to market yourself and your business and all you have to do is find one or two or three ways which you love so much that you do them every day and that’s it, job done. It is a little bit more scientific than that in as much as you have to pick ways that you can see are working but you’ll soon know. You’ll either be banking money or you won’t. Simples.

Don’t try to force yourself to do things you don’t like or you don’t understand because that isn’t a workable business strategy in the medium and long term, which is what we are after her. You can force yourself for a bit, but I don’t recommend burning wasted energy that way when you could be focusing on what you do love instead.

One of the questions I ask my clients is “how do you like to buy?” Depending on what they say, that often provides us with the answer. So, for instance, I buy everything, 100% of what I consume, online. Google is my friend and my first port of call for the solution to everything. My two favourite shops are Ocado, who bring groceries to my door, and Amazon who bring everything else.

Thus it make sense I would choose to market myself 100% online. I market as I buy.  My online strategy is to have a great website, invite people to subscribe to my newsletter, talk to them there once a week, write a blog post every day and be active on social media every day too. I consider that I only have two jobs – coaching and marketing. And when I am not doing one I am doing the other. How much more complex need it be than that?

If my clients say they like word of mouth referrals before they buy, then they have to create that for their own market. Which means they need to leave the house and talk to people and demonstrate what they can do and give them affordable little tasters of it and ask for referrals and testimonials. And find people who like to refer business to others for the fee or for the feelgood. And they might also like to mix that with an online strategy too, more often than not. You’d be mad not to, in this day and age.

How do you make your buying choices? Replicate that in your marketing and you are more than half way there. The rest we can fine tune.

  • Speaking from the stage.
  • Writing a book and leveraging that.
  • Becoming an internet marketer and writing long American-style sales letters and paying to drive traffic to that sales page.
  • Being an expert on other people’s websites.
  • Participating in telesummits.
  • Walking about your neighbourhood in a sandwich booard.
  • Attending glamorous cocktail parties wearing the clothes you design.
  • Having get-togethers with your ideal clients.
  • Breakfast networking, or networking at lunch, tea and dinner for that matter; starting your own network group.
  • Joining LinkedIn and using it really well (anyone know how to do that?).
  • Starting a Facebook page.
  • Blogging.
  • Trade fairs.
  • Uniforms.
  • Sign-written vehicles.
  • Direct mail.

The list really is endless and I can pretty much guarantee we will ferret out the one or two or three you love and would be prepared to do every day. Don’t stop till you are full up and sold out. Measure what works and do more of that.

And this brings us to selling. If you get your marketing right and create desire and do your job well and get gorgeous referrals and repeat business and fabulous testimonials and draw to you a top notch reputation, then you don’t need to sell at all. If what you offer is desirable, if you create desire with your marketing, then all you have to do is to allow your customers to buy. If they want it, they’ll ask. People love to buy. You love to buy. Examine how you shop, how you buy and there’s your answer again. Buying is pleasurable and often the more you pay the more you enjoy it!

And if you don’t even want your clients and customers to have to ask, pepper your website with buttons clearly marked Buy Now or Add to Cart or Yes Please I Want That Beautiful Thing or Service You Have Created.

And – Ka-ching!

Be happy to take their money. Visualising it going into your bank account and circulating on its merry way around the world, doing good and helping others. It makes the world go around.

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