What Clients Say About Learning Cashflow 101

I asked three clients to share their experience of learning Cashflow 101. In the morning, we play by the rules. In the afternoon, we throw the rule book out of the window.


“Although I’ve been conscious for some time of the effect our intentions can have on our actions, it’s been a bit of a dormant hidden thought, one that I don’t bring out in the cold light of day, for fear it will disintegrate once under the scrutiny of ‘rational/logical/normal people – even though I am one of those people.  And because of this fear, I don’t actively use that power of intent.  My first Cashflow game has opened up my willingness to believe in this particular bit of woowoo, as Judith delightfully calls it.  And the wonderful, rational way Judith teaches the game and how to use intent has also helped me accept that it exists and it’s not just okay but absolutely right that I use this.  In addition, the amazing women I was playing with taught me, throughout the day, that there is more than enough abundance to go around, that it’s okay to voice your intentions, that whatever I choose to ask for, I’m not being greedy and I learned not to judge my journey against anyone else’s.  I think I probably need to attend a few more games for the lessons to really sink in, but even one game has changed the way I think profoundly.” HP

“To the uninitiated a day spent playing a board game may seem like a frivolous activity, but to let you think that would be doing you a great disservice.  Not only is Cashflow not just any old board game, but the way Judith runs the session and expertly coaches you along the way creates a hugely powerful experience.  It was downright spooky the way that each of our games in the morning session mirrored what was going on in our lives and businesses, with all of us that played demonstrating different blocks and limiting beliefs around our finances; however, once Judith had coached us over lunch and we consciously decided to play differently, our progress in the afternoon was truly transformed!  Such a powerful experience and so much food for thought –  I am still digesting and consciously striving to apply it all!” IZ

“Thank you for hosting the Cashflow Game last week.  I found it so interesting and useful, I think because of the structure of the day which allowed me to play my “usual money game” and then to see the effects if I played a different game.  The freedom to play with money is not something I have really experienced before and that was such a healing thing actually.  This surprised me, but on reflection it seems to me that of course poverty consciousness is a wound and generally linked to poor self-esteem, certainly is in my case anyway, and involves a degree of guilt at being “bad” with money and shame at not being  able to “do the maths”. I am looking forward to changing this and moving into a healthy relationship with money which is timely and necessary given my current situation! WC

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