Learning To Take A Decent Photograph On My Holidays – Day 1

UK Holiday October 2013 Day 1 photoAnd so the test begins. Can I keep blogging every day despite being on holiday? I decided to make it easy (ish) on myself and bring my camera on holiday, thinking that I could take a photo each day and post it and this would save me writing but I must have lost my mind temporarily as I overlooked one important fact. I am rubbish with a camera. But, like writing, my photography skills can only improve with practice. So I’m giving it a go.

What I’ve noticed immediately is that I don’t yet have an eye. I look up the road and I see a beautiful church but then when I take the picture all these things appear in it I didn’t notice before, liked parked cars, and they spoil it. And my zooming skills are negligent so I can’t seem to remove them and get the church with any perspective. Much to work on, which strangely I relish.

We’re in the Cotswolds which is very picturesque and I am going to keep on having a go. Today’s photo is of the house across the road. ┬áPretty isn’t it?

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