Learning To Wait

Time business concept.Today I am waiting on a trusted adviser to work with me against a deadline. Truth be told, I’ve been waiting all week because, left to my own devices, I would have met that deadline with several days, if not weeks, to spare. But my colleague doesn’t work like that. He likes to work right up to the deadline. Last time we had seven minutes to spare, I kid you not. He likes to take things to the edge; he says the view is better from there.

My other colleagues who work with him with laugh at this thing about the edge, but it’s a nervous laugh. It’s true, the view is better but it isn’t half terrifying as well. I have learned to quell my fears and adapt my own method of working to suit his own. Did I like this? No! Will I continue to do it? Probably, there are few options, such is his expertise. If I had a choice would I use someone who works closer to my preferred way? Probably again, not least because it reduces stress and sleepless nights. But it has made me realise that my way isn’t right, it’s just my way. It makes me feel safe.

But there is value also in waiting and learning to adapt to others’ way of working, doing and being. Now that I know how he works, it is somewhat easier already each time we approach a deadline. Initially I found it infuriating, impossible even. I am not used to waiting on or for anyone or anything. Equally, he has never yet missed a deadline, so why worry? That would seem like a choice I am putting myself through unnecessarily and not healthily. It feels bad.

A bit like I wrote yesterday, I have a choice about how to react to my colleague’s way and right now I choose to adapt. I am learning to wait.

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Tom, thank you for your appreciation. The feeling is mutual, as I think you know. Now listen, the received wisdom is that we should blog on point. And lately I haven’t been and that’s just fine because I made the decision to write every day about anything, more as a way of creating a regular writing habit than marketing myself. So its great you are enjoying them, fellow writer, you. And it helps me to feel its OK to go on writing personally rather than in a business sense. But – as you also know – its impossible to separate the business person from the human being. Nor should we try, I believe. What say you?

  2. Tom Evans says:

    Love your blog themes and memes at the mo Judith …

    A shaman once told me to allow the world to arrive at your door as opposed to thinking we have to turn up or show up for something.

    I’ve been doing it for years now and find it takes much less energy, allows me to get on with stuff and know that what ever I need will just pop along at the perfect time.

    Good examples are ‘bendy pricing’ and DailyOm – both of which I am eternally grateful to you for 🙂

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