Let’s Just Experiment and See How It Goes

Two Girls (10-12) Looking at a Rack of Test TubesOut on a little sunny drive earlier in the week, I found myself wondering about something, wondering how it would go. Then I remembered what I say to my clients a lot: “Why don’t you just experiment and see how it goes?”

You can look at other people doing similar things and observe their model or even copy it, but you cannot know what will happen until you roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.

You can yearn for a plan or a map to follow which will guarantee success, but you cannot ordain or know what will happen until you get into action.

You can have a marvellous business plan and strategy which you are implementing, but you have no idea what’s lurking just around the corner; who will join or leave your team, who will set up in competition to you, whether or not there is a market for your way of doing things.

You can have no idea who you will draw to you until you start, or what synchronicities will manifest or what good fortune will be yours.

You cannot tell if people will buy your product and service until you ask strangers to part with real money for it.

There are no certainties in this life, so let’s just experiment and see how it goes. I am a betting woman, and I’ll wager it’ll go better than you could possibly imagine from today’s vantage point. Life will take you in myriad fascinating and testing directions, all of which will be part of the journey and part of the fun, leading you to meet fascinating people and make friends with them and mentors of them. This is life’s rich pattern when you start your own business or any other creative endeavour.

Embrace uncertainty. Choose to love it, pay the price and enjoy the rewards. The road is never dull, it is frequently a white knuckle ride but nothing ever came into being without the original creative thinker being prepared to experiment and being prepared to fail. Come on in, the water’s not nearly as scary as it looks and there’s plenty of us here doing it too, ready and willing to help and support.

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