Let’s Talk

CalendarRound here, everything begins with a free 45-minute Skype call so we can get to know one another. Please know this is not an audition for either of us, rather a chance to explore and discover. The call is my gift to you, it is offered with no strings attached.

I am optimistic that at some point you will choose to work with me, or you might have an urgent need and be hot to trot today, who knows? Our first call will give me a chance to recommend which of my services I think might be the most appropriate for you, or for us to craft something bespoke to fit your requirements and your budget.

During this call I will ask you two questions:

  1. Tell me all about you (and your business, if you have one)
  2. How can I help?

I don’t need anything in advance from you; however, if it helps you to get your own thoughts in order, do feel free to email me your notes or an agenda for discussion on the call.

My intention will be to give you something of value in that call and I may ask you to pay it forward by recommending me to your fans and followers or, if the content is not too confidential, to publish a testimonial on your Facebook profile or provide one I can share on my website/blog.

These calls help me to get to know entrepreneurs and private clients and I love to help.

Book yourself in for an introductory call here: Entrepreneur of the Day*

If you  have already enjoyed one of my free calls and would like to speak to me again, or you are not happy receiving something without paying for it, book yourself in for a Abundance/PWYW (pay what you want) Call and pay whatever you like in line with the value you feel you derive. I am happy to receive and typical donations range between £30 and £250.

Book yourself in for a PWYW call here: Pay What You Want*

*If you cannot find a slot in my online diary which suits yours, please email me with 3 dates and times you can do and we’ll find something which is a match for both of us.