Testimonials: The Lifeblood of Any Business

Testimonials are the lifeblood of any business. Here are a few recent ones I am saving, recording and sharing. With thanks to these fabulous women who took the time to share their thoughts and feelings with me. This is appreciated more than you can ever know.


“Exactly a year ago I took up Judith’s offer of a free call during which I blurted out a whole lot of ideas of what I thought I could do with my video marketing business. I knew I wanted to take my business in a different direction but I didn’t know which direction. In that call, she asked me one simple question. I answered it – and then I started going in the direction of that answer and I haven’t looked back – well, apart from now . . . when I reflect on what a year it has been, being coached by Judith and how I don’t think this year would have been half as good had I not had that call with her. Thank you from deep within my heart, Judith.”


“Thank you for being there and keeping me on track. I’ve missed you being part of my world, even though I knew you were there in the background! You have a way of seeing through the mire, and drawing out what is important – that’s quite a talent and I delight that you have followed YOUR heart to do what you so wonderfully.”

Margret C

“Full disclosure; I was always slightly put off by the idea of having a business coach. But that was before I met Judith Morgan! She’s kind, she’s wise, she’s pragmatic and no-nonsense, but with a wonderful sense of the absurd as a delightful counterbalance. Life is never dull, working with Judith. As I write this, I’m on the brink of launching my fully refreshed business.  Now, I’m beyond excited at the prospect, but it’s taken a while to get my mojo back. Knowing that Judith, with all her wisdom, her enthusiasm and her brilliant insights are there to support me is an intrinsic part of me enjoying this process. And when I backtracked and wanted to hide out, she just gently and patiently encouraged me to take the small steps that kept me moving forward. I’m so looking forward to continuing work with Judith and seeing what adventures await! I cannot thank her enough.”


“I’m celebrating my best ever month. BIG THANKS to Judith. I finally, finally “OWN IT” on several levels. I have been here in this group for quite some time now, I thoroughly enjoy seeing people grow and flourish with Judith’s input, mentorship and help. I value the input and encouragement of others even if sometimes I’m silent, or absent. Even though I’ve been self-employed for 15 years now, I’m still a beginner, and still learning and growing and only now beginning to realise how truly small I’ve been playing in this wonderful game. I turn 40 next year, and finally, think I might be approaching adulthood…in a good way! Thank you, wonderful SBBM-ers. Thank you, fabulous Judith. xx”

Margaret R

“I have a renewed appreciation for how you do things today. Thank heavens for you, Judith — a coach who is loving, funny, smart as a whip, AND shows her regard for her clients by being organized and clear. Life is good!”


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