List Segmentation, Dos and Don’ts: Podcast Ep 194

Today we debate the topic of segmentation in your email newsletter. Do you or don’t you? I don’t. Nicola mainly doesn’t either and we discuss the useful feedback I received from a newsletter reader suggesting I should consider it. I ran it past Nicola at my reader’s suggestion and I was glad to have the opportunity to review the business decisions I had already made for myself and have those reinforced by this exercise.

Of course, this may depend upon what you do for a living. And what sort of a marketer you are. And what your business does too. I am my business and I can’t see a way to separate the facets of that, nor do I choose to. I want to run My Biz My Way. No surprises there.

I wrote up this story in a recent newsletter and was gratified to receive further reinforcement about my decision from yet another serious online marketer. Three heads are better than one. All helpful thinking and a bit like Alice said in last week’s podcast, feedback is perhaps most useful when it helps you make up your own creative mind.


In other news, our Words of the Week are Sociable (hers) and Summer (mine).

Nicola is enjoying some visitors and she’s decided to enter into a joint venture (JV) with the male half of the couple, which will involve a trip to Vegas next Spring. I wasn’t in the mood at all for a return to work on 3rd September so I told her the story of my rather frenzied urge to do a massive “spring” clean.

Our fires have been fuelled this week by Nicola helping her new done-for-you client to fill two new Huna workshops, the first of which happened at Jesus College, Cambridge, Jane’s alma mater. I’ve got a new notebook, a new client in Club 100 and I woke one morning with the urge to start to use EFT/tapping to help my low carb clients beat their sugary cravings.

Nicola updates me on podcast numbers which were halved when we weren’t creating a new show every week during August. And I tell her about comparing Zoom with Webex, and SendPilot with MissingLettr and my latest thinking re Facebook and my relationship with it, taking all my posts from Public to Friends only settings.

Despite that thinking, I am delighted FB has brought me two house-sitting gigs for nine days in September and a longer stint at the end of October. Nicola tells me about her new online tool called for planning, organising and tracking.

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