Little Miracles

MichaelWhat can I tell you? It didn’t go as planned.

I’d intended to have a bit of a lie in, then do a couple of blogs so as to get a few in the bag for later in the week as this is a busy one with a Cashflow game day on Friday with six members of my Small Business Big Magic Crew.

But as I was nipping about taking care of some laundry and washing up, with a view to going back to bed, I found something on Facebook which piqued my interest and led me off in an unexpected direction, to watch a film I’d seen before, on a weekday mornng. What am I like? Not normally known for such spontaneity as many will attest.

Thanks to Alison Knox and this lovely angel which she offered in celebration of Michaelmas Day, she also mentioned a film she loves called Michael in which John Travolta plays Archangel Michael, with wings, here on earth, drinking, smoking, eating, dancing, being a big hit with the ladies, working little miracles and smelling of home-baked cookies. I couldn’t resist it and spent my lie in time watching the movie instead.

Alison is one of my regular correspondents after she’s read my weekly newsletter and you can see more of her art at her website which is

This afternoon I pulled my finger out in a more typically Morgan-like way, inspired by Michael’s “you’ve got to learn to laugh, that’s the way to true love” and brought my true love to my four clients who wanted to discuss money, whether to be a sole trader or a limited company, how to emerge in a new career, likened to coming out, and how to pitch to play a role in someone else’s existing business.

Money is always fascinating. My client is abundant through and through but, as with all of us, she’d reached a place where one particular item had introduced her to scarcity. We debated the sorts of things we each put into the must have category or the luxury category. For instance, my cleaner is a must have, my gardener is a luxury. You have to draw the line somewhere and no two people will draw it in the same place, of that I am 100% certain. However what we both know is that when we make a decision to spend, the funds always appear from somewhere to pay for it and that the opposite often takes us both into scarcity. We compared notes in a way which was useful and informative for my client working out where she is on this scale with each financial choice.

Next I debated the pros and cons of trading as a limited company -v- being a sole trader with a client who has recently returned to the UK after a long time in another country. We compared bureaucracies and found the UK’s coming out top in this regard which was refreshing for me and presents lots of exciting opportunities for my client.

My third client is an emerging writer, like me, and also a coach, also like me. Writing and coaching are a delicious combination since one enables us to talk to our clients before we are paid to listen to them, and give them a flavour of how we might best support them. However, my client is – as yet – a tad more shy and retiring than me when it comes to pressing the Publish button and I am encouraging her to come out of her shell, not least because I enjoy her writing so much.

And finally my client wanted to report in on a meeting he’d had last night where he’s looking for an existing business he can join. I don’t think I’ve ever supported a coaching client in this particular way. Accounting clients in the olden days yes, but mostly my clients these days are starting their own businesses. A stretchy opportunity for us both and exciting times for him and this, the first company he has in his sights.

How did your Wednesday go and were you called upon to have a go at creating any little miracles?

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