Living Your Life On Purpose: Setting Intentions

Have you started your own business by accident?   I know I did – several times!

All my previous businesses, with only a couple of exceptions, have been started around brilliant ideas I had, most of which I omitted to check with my marketplace first.

Pretty much all of them were created around things I love to do technically, like accounting or helping people by providing solutions.

But in the early days almost no thought ever went into the business – until it was too late – about what I wanted to achieve from all the effort, apart from a living.

These days I create everything with an intention.   How will this business make money, or set me free, or enable me to work with inspirational people, or allow me to live in the sunshine, or work in my pyjamas, or give up commuting? What are my specific intentions?

How will this business enable me to help others and energise myself at the same time?

The E-Myth calls this your Primary Aim.  And you have to go excavating to find out (if you don’t already know) what you want your life to be about, and therefore how your business can support you in this.

How many other things have you done accidentally in your life?   What have you fallen into and how is that serving you now?   What limiting beliefs have you acquired in your life’s journey? How are they affecting your current situation, the profits, the staff, the systems – or lack thereof?

The relationship equivalent of this concept is always allowing yourself to be chosen. Now’s the time to become The Chooser.

If you haven’t already done this exploration for yourself, I’d like to recommend you make it your intention this week.   Set aside some time every week if you can – even only an hour if that’s all you can spare – and take yourself off somewhere nice with a notebook and do some strategic thinking about your life and your business.   I promise it will make a radical difference.   We call this working on your business, not in your business.   It’s what we are paid to do, to think strategically for the benefit of our business.

If you set only one intention this week, make it a good one.   Use Jane’s strategy for setting intentions and let me know how it goes.   Once you put this into practice and see how well it works, you will be tempted to do more of it, and more.   Having a coach will accelerate the process and hold you accountable. Let me know if I can help in that regard.

Before you know it, things will be much, much better and you will be living your life on purpose.

Now, what’s your intention?

Your Biz Your Way

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