Podcast Ep 169: Becoming a Loose Woman

Nicola and I have run out of ideas to talk about on the podcast after 168 episodes, so today’s show is all about the process we put ourselves through this week to try and find new things to discuss in each show. We came up with three ideas – The Manifesto Idea, The Loose Women Idea and The Guests Idea. We are moving ahead with all three and today we start with the middle one, and I become a Loose Woman, God help me.

The Loose Women idea involves opening up the internet live on the show and finding something to talk about. The first thing that takes our attention is an article about Uber and we discuss that as a business model and why governments and banks shut down ideas like that and Air B&B. The LW pilot is more productive than we dared hope, though perhaps a tad rambly as it takes us off on all sorts of tangents. Risky, and we definitely over-ran though perhaps N will fix that in the edit, let’s see.

LISTEN HERE TO EPISODE #169 of OWN IT! The Podcast: The Loose Women Pilot

In other news, we’ve both had a quiet week (half-term) and that’s what explains our difficulties as fewer clients = fewer conundrums arising for conversation starters. Nicola tells a story about becoming an accidental rent-a-geek as she helps out a friend of a friend with a long list of techie tolerations. And I speak of having lunch with someone I met way back in 2006, going to the beauty salon on a Wednesday (!) and how I am trying much harder to work fewer hours, or at least only spend about half of each business day sitting at my desk because it is so bad for me/us.

Our respective fires have been fuelled by Gary Vee’s book Crushing It (N) and helping another client overcome some website blockages (N again). Mine is about how happy I am to have received and published 17/52 Blogfesters (so far) and how they have given me ‘n Grammarly some challenges with their wild and liberal usage of all forms of punctuation, especially quotation marks. I am trying to corral the posts all into a house style in case there is an eventual anthology, and also for the sake of uniformity of my blog. It isn’t easy or, in some cases, even possible (!) but I am doing my best, and secretly quite enjoying being the grammar police. A lot of them are inserting a comma in the middle of my book’s title where the author intended none.

Our words of the week are Voice (N) which arises from an experiment with Amazon Polly, text to speech in 47 voices and 24 languages, for all the people who cannot or prefer not to read your web content, and it is thought perhaps to have some humungous SEO benefits too. Nicola’s experimenting on our behalf. My word of the week is Healing because I am experimenting with a combination of aloe vera, apple cider vinegar and tapping which means I cannot tell what’s working, except that it is. Next, I am going to drop each one of those in turn so that I can work it out.

Project Updates concentrates on our amazing all-time download numbers of 65,692 or 391 per episode. I wonder if there isn’t a more efficient way to achieve the same result as I am noticing my shorter Audiobooms which take considerably less time and less effort are outperforming our shows. The accountant in me feels that the ROI on our time and costs is unproven. We both acknowledge there are other benefits but they are unquantifiable.

We are impressed by Longbourn by Jo Baker, Nicola’s reading it, the story of the servants below stairs in Pride and Prejudice, and she also likes Altered Carbon on Netflix. Netflix does it for me too, answering my chat show prayers at long last with David Letterman (sporting an awful beard) interviewing one guest at length with no interruptions, no adverts and no requirement for them to perform stunts or tell jokes. Serious chat for grown-ups. Yay! So far we’ve enjoyed Obama, then George Clooney and next is Malala. I wondered when he was going to get to the women.

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