Lotte: Awesome Enthusiasm and Feeling of Possibility

Lotte LaneThis testimonial came in today from one of last week’s Entrepreneurs of the Day, Lotte. She runs a fabulous and funky website for people getting married who don’t want an orthodox wedding. Check it out!

Thank you again for your time on Thursday, it is so generous of you to give your energy in this way. After the call I felt exhilarated, intoxicated and completely spooked by the fact someone had understood me, my drive and my secret desires so clearly in less than an hour. I don’t know how you do it but you have a real gift for understanding people and what they are about – seemingly completely intuitively. This is what I posted in my FB group after our call:

“Just spoke to Judith – EEEP. That was MASSIVE. Can’t really articulate it all now as brain in a mahoosive whirl but she’s basically advised me to aim bigger, get ‘out there’ by just being me, courageous, bold etc. Idea is insanely exciting (I got tearful!) but also terrifying. Clever Judith was right in asking whether I want to write about weddings forever. No! I want to write about ME and inspire people to be THEM. God she’s GOOD!”

Lotte Lane, Bridezilla’s Best Friend

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