Lotte Lane: Writer, Awesomiser & Chronic Over-Sharer

Today’s blog guest is Lotte Lane, writer, writer, writer, writer, mum to Maya, wife to David, on the verge of publishing her first book and making her maiden speech in London, no less. Lotte’s a Star – no shit, Sherlock – and here she is, in her own words:

LotteMy name is Lotte Lane and I’m a writer, awesomiser & chronic over-sharer.  In practice, this means I share the inner most truths of my heart (in cringe-inducingly honest detail) to inspire and connect with people.

My mission is to encourage the self-doubting to get down with themselves and get on with their lives.  I think too many of us get caught in ‘I’m not good enough’ thought patterns, failing to recognise that we are a) awesome already and b) wasting our limited time on this planet by letting our ridiculous head crap take charge.

I decided to start working for myself while I was on maternity leave last year, and my business is currently in its fourth incarnation!  I’ve set up shop as a wedding planner, web designer and copywriter but moved on from all of these as they weren’t making me happy. Having suffered from crippling depression for much of my life I value my own happiness over everything else (even though I’m well aware happy doesn’t pay the bills!).

So far, self-employment so far has been an amazing journey.  Having the freedom and autonomy to be and do as I wish has been life-changing: I have learnt so much about myself, grown in confidence and outlook and achieved things that the Lotte of old would never have dreamed was possible.

Working with Judith has been a godsend.  She and the Club 100 crew have held my hand through all the transitions of the past year and assured me I am not completely barking mad in believing I can make money doing meaningful work that I love.  On difficult days they cheerlead me; on brilliant days they celebrate with me.  The support is INVALUABLE.

Looking ahead, I am really looking forward to developing my over-sharey positivity into a sexy and profitable business.  I’m not entirely certain how I’m going to do this yet (I like to go with the flow!) but I am completely confident that I will.

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Lotte will be in London this Saturday 23rd August 2014, giving a talk about her experiences of depression for The Blurt Foundation. Tickets are available here.

As you can see, Lotte is a big fan of Club 100. If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our club and be sure to snaffle your seat at the lifetime bargain price of £100 per month before it goes up to £150 on 1st September.

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