Business Lessons My Clients Teach Me: Love-Based Content

Yellow loveIn the first of a new series, I am going to be sharing the lessons I learn from my Club 100 clients each week from their Monday morning check-ins. Here’s a stonking week’s learnings from February:

All work and no play doesn’t work. Self-care rituals are paramount and we avoid them at our peril. Out of whack cannot be maintained for very long, nor should it.

Love-based content shared in the right spirit on social media = subtle marketing, the antidote to the hard sell and an alternative for the free thinker.

Let the sun shine on your idea seeds and remember to water them.

Don’t let life pass you by, have fun each and every week and a little bliss and contentment too, if you can allow it.

Work-at-home parent? Don’t bother with work at half-term. Decide to “work” in other ways – thinking, feeling, reading. And come back refreshed. You’ll be glad you did.

Potential clients and customers appreciate you sharing your expertise.

A business can be created from a small number of people who pay for your unique gifts.

Get more sleep. 5 hours a night is not enough.

We all have times of darkness and doubt. It’s just a phase. It will pass, and pass back around too and pass on once more. It’s just the way of the world.

A high vibe makes light work of a long To Do list.

Keep an eye out for “the space that we fill with other stuff”. What would you deliberately have in that space if you have a choice? NB You have a choice.

People are mostly nice and helpful. What a great belief to adopt! What other great beliefs would improve your life and make everything easier and less stressful?

Single-tasking is a rare luxury. Seek it out more for higher quality work.

Break the rules. Rules are for other people. Rules are for employees, not entrepreneurs.

Create High Performance Habits if your goals demand them.

Know when to push for a bonus result and when you’ve done enough.

Overwhelmed? Stop immediately you notice that.Take stock. Take a breather. Let your tortoise overtake your hare.

Do you steer by passion or by planning, or a mixture of both?

Have as much fun as you can bear.

Guest blogging can treble your opt-in sign ups.

Expect things to work and guess what? They do!

Advice from family and friends is of very limited value unless they have been in your shoes and even then, take with a pinch of salt. They want to keep you “safe” and the more resistance you get from them, the more you can know you are on the right track.

Think about shaping your working week differently, e.g. three intense days and then a 4-day weekend, or two slower days for different sorts of activities, lower energy ones perhaps.

Be the example.


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