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Today’s blog guest, in her own words, is Love Me Slender’s Emma Hadley.

Emma HadleyMy name is Emma Hadley and I am fascinated by our obsession with dieting, finding the perfect body and never getting the answer we are looking for. I am also immensely proud to have created a life of balance, self care, and a love of food and exercise.

My business is called Love Me Slender and I started it in 2013 because I wanted to use all my experience, training in NLP/Hypnotherapy and fascination for experimentation to help people. I help overeaters and dieters to lose weight confidently whilst creating a happy sustainable healthy life.

I love working for myself because it gives me the opportunity to really get into creative flow and develop all my ideas and concepts. I am now making a move to full time working for myself after a year of part time and it’s great to discover how much I enjoy being responsible for my own actions and pushing through any challenges.

The shock has been how much I can use the skills from the job I dislike in a more constructive way. I grow and learn all the time, and it’s fab that being a business owner feeds that strong value.

The first thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing the reactions of people to my new and first free E-Book, the 6 Essential Ingredients to Loving Yourself Slender, as I love it. The second is having the time to really connect with my community so together we can find a long term way forward for weight loss and maintenance which focuses on the whole person rather than quick fix dieting.

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