Love My Life

planner-1873485_640I Love My Life is my new creation, a collaborative personal development project inspired by Robbie Williams’ tune of the same name.

Thanks to Robbie we are reminded that we are powerful, beautiful, wonderful, magical and free. And that we can find the others with hearts like ours.

ILML is a group for employed people, self-employed people, unemployed people, retired people and those resting or questing, and it is all about:

  • Embracing change
  • Happiness
  • Freedom
  • Appreciating daily life
  • Gratitude
  • New beginnings (and endings)
  • Inspiration
  • Life being ridiculously amazing
  • Possibilities
  • Opportunities
  • Dreams coming true
  • Being and having anything you want
  • Doing small things with great love
  • Joy

I asked via Facebook about new hobbies you might take up in this new year and I was impressed that more than fifty people replied saying that they would like to explore photography, music, fitness, sewing, makeup, DIY, crafts, calligraphy, art, dancing, am dram, cooking and all sorts of exciting things I’d never even heard of.

I asked too why we were all so interested in the idea of hobbies and the answer was “because it reconnects us to parts of ourselves which were solely for enjoyment.”  Yes, that’s it! Enjoyment. Joy. Reconnection.

For all too many people these are dark and difficult times, including you and me. And some days there seems to be little hope, nay even despair. And what do we do in times of despair? We grab onto life with both hands and we find ways to make our lives have meaning every day, even if only in tiny ways. Because those little things make all the difference. They add up. 365 tiny daily things creates a whole new you and a whole new happier life.

We become proactive about joy. We make room for it in our lives. We focus on joy and the deliberate creation of it. I want to love my life now, I don’t want to wait until I am thin enough or rich enough to “deserve” to exhale, to relax or retire so that I may have a life I love. My eighteen days Christmas holiday created the space for me to think about this and create it too, in part. Just imagine what I could do in 365!

I do love my life and my work right now, but I am all too often aware that my best life goes on hold. Until One Day.

With I Love My Life the focus is on encouraging you to love your life today and to take the incremental steps of deliberate creation day-by-day towards an even more lovely life. My variation on Robbie’s theme is that we mustn’t wait for “finally” to be where we want to be. We should go there NOW, immediately, without passing Go and without collecting £200.

What engages me is the amazing gift of living my highest and best life in 2017, not sometime never, and the intention to create that wonderful life every day by choice, by design. And for you to have that too.

Since this group will be the icing on my cake, not my bread and butter, I can take yet another step towards my ideal life by offering it on a 100% Pay What You Want basis (PWYW). You can join by making a donation.

How do you decide how much to pay?

What you can afford, for starters. And remember you can always come back and make another donation as your life becomes even more joyful.

I plan that we will be together in the I Love My Life group for the duration of this year, 2017. And if we love it in the way that I think we will, I shall invite you to re-join in 2018 and beyond. The figures I have in my body wisdom are that anything and everything is acceptable, that’s the fun of PWYW. But that anyone donating £100 and above will qualify for some personal 1-2-1 time with me too if you’d like that (or the ability to pay it forward). And two fun figures which come to mind are £201.70 (geddit?) and £365.

PWYW is entirely up to you.

We will all get together in a Facebook group, so I suggest only joining if they make you as joyful as they do me. And I will abundantly match and donate both 1-2-1 and group time. Donations at the higher level will qualify for the 18 recordings from our podcast’s 2016 summer called Beyond the Laptop Lifestyle as those were all interviews with people living and loving their lives.

Here are some handy PayPal choices*:

Donate whatever you like and join the secret Facebook Group and group calls

JOIN ILML NOW and PWYW – note that option also offers the ability to pay monthly too if that’s easier for you?

Donate £100.00 and get 60 minutes on Skype with me to design your ideal life (take it in two x 30 mins if you prefer):


Donate £201.70 and get that first 60 minutes, taken however you like, and get three more shorter quarterly top ups to tweak and adjust, consult and converse, as you wish.


Donate £365.00  and get four hours’ consultation and conversation to use however you like, co-creating your lovely life + those bonus recordings worth $197.


Upon receipt of your PWYW donation, I will add you to the I Love My Life secret Facebook group and send you further joining instructions by email. If you want me to do this in an email address other than your PayPal one, either put that on your PayPal notice to me or contact me if you miss that box.

*Do ask if you prefer to pay via online banking.

Are we Facebook friends? We will need to be for this to work best so please hit me up with a friend request if necessary.

Watch Robbie’s video for daily inspiration and mood enhancement and be thinking about what you want your life to be like in 2017 and beyond.

Let’s make it lovely.


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