Love Your Gifts: Be Grateful for your Talents

Playing the fluteWe take for granted what we are good at and tend to focus instead on what we consider to be our weaknesses and areas of lack.

Wrong! If you want to attract more good into your life, you have to focus on the good stuff, celebrate your strengths, love your gifts and be grateful for your talents. So, tricky then… given that we take the good stuff for granted.

We had a bit of a laugh in one of my groups the other day about the skills we take for granted like filing, spelling and arranging things in alphabetical order. I know, we laughed. But why should we? If we are good at something, let’s be joyful about that, not dismissive. Those precise life skills have equipped us for gainful employment or self-employment, and made our lives easier.

Righty-ho, then. Taking myself at my word, I am going to rootle through my stock cupboard of unloved gifts and taken-for-granted talents and celebrate a handful of them.

  1. I can focus easily. I can focus all day long. I can focus from 9-5 on one task, longer if I need to.
  2. I am surprisingly patient at most things and with most people.
  3. I am very neat and tidy and minimalist, I have almost no clutter. I have a place for everything and everything in its place which means I can speedily put my hands on anything I need or want in a heartbeat. I don’t lose things.
  4. I am excellent at sleeping. It is my Olympic sport and I could play my joker on sleeping, for extra points in Jeux Sans Frontieres, if you remember what that was?
  5. I am fabulously fast and responsive at email, inbox management and a speedy touch-typist.
  6. I can say No.
  7. I am reliable. If I have committed to do something with you, you can bank on my being there.
  8. I am punctual.
  9. I’m a responsible adult and also a rebel, which I perceive to be A Good Thing.
  10. I know my way around London and am a very confident car driver in my city. Nothing fazes me in that regard. Hyde Park Corner? Marble Arch? Bring it on, Love. Bring it on. I am brave, confident and intrepid.
  11. I’m good with sums and also with the written word. My writing is improved by reading and by my daily writing habit.
  12. I love to learn new things, which keeps me young. I try very hard at not becoming an old fogey or a dinosaur.
  13. I am relatively geeky which means all my gadgets work well and I cherish them.
  14. I’m creative; I have an endless supply of ideas, answers, workarounds and wriggle-throughs.
  15. I’m good at music. I am a singer and used to be able to play the clarinet and the piano. I will play the piano again one day.
  16. I’m loyal.
  17. I am 100% content in my own company.
  18. I am the Queen of Positive Thinking.
  19. I have a GSOH.
  20. I have a facility for foreign languages and am especially interested in etymology. Basically, I love words. And names. And their derivation. As a reader and a student of languages, including Latin at school, this is what happens. You fall in love.
  21. I don’t do ill health.

How interesting! I intended to list only three but once I got going I found only modesty and a desire not to bore you made me stop. And I am sure there are many more to be unearthed. Good game, Judith!

Do share yours, especially those you take for granted or those which are a bit dusty, like my musical one. We can go back to those any time we like. And remember to include a sprinkling of those you are a bit iffy about laying claim to, especially those. The spark is in you.

I observed how often I wanted to qualify them and say (effectively) yes, I’m good at this but not so good at that e.g. I am a good and loyal friend but I don’t send birthday cards. I am surprisingly patient with most people but there are exceptions, etc. I deleted those bits. That’s precisely my point. Love your gifts and be grateful for your talents. Cherish them. What we appreciate appreciates.

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