Lovely Feedback from Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies

Hi Judith,

Thank  you for your efforts with me a while ago……  I thought it would be good to let you know progress so far!

Since I did the work with you I have been very busy with projects. I’ve brought out four training DVD’s on Reflexology that are rising up the charts on Amazon, started writing distance learning courses, written another book “Reflexology for Babies and Children” and started to be invited to lecture abroad – so huge thanks for your comment of “view yourself as an expert”!  I still find that hard but it has been important at times when I panic before audiences!  My last teaching engagement was to the pediatric intensive care nurses and licensed massage therapists in the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (world’s no 3 children’s hospital).  I was  in the US for two weeks and never through that would happen – paid to have fun and make new friends!

Thank you for your input a while ago – still living by it!

Best Wishes

Sue Ricks

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