#LoveTheBoss: Suzie Cheel, Artist and Heart Whisperer

Today my female business owner is Suzie Cheel, whose contribution comes in the free form of her own thoughts, as follows:

Suzie250Hi I am Suzie Cheel and I help people cut through disempowering mind chatter and listen to the whispers of their heart where true wisdom is found. I have been called the Heart Whisperer.

I’m an intuitive artist, a certified Law of Attraction facilitator, an Angel Intuitive with Doreen Virtue, speaker and a published author. I am passionate about making a difference in the world, especially through my coaching work as a Self Love and Abundance Coach.

A long term student of personal development, I have a keen interest in online social networking. I have a Graduate Diploma in Social Communication and a Masters in Applied Science (Social Ecology) focused on the online communities I gained the Masters degree back in 1996/97. Now I am actively involved in Social Media.

My first career was as an early childhood teacher and I taught in Australia, England and even in Lagos, Nigeria where I was the governess for the children of the Australian High Commissioner.

Later I became a college lecturer, teaching future early childhood workers. Alongside my teaching I had become a weaver and a tie dyer selling work through galleries so my entrepreneurial spirit started back in my 20s.

Self-employment chose me. I made this change after I was passed over for a Head Teacher position in which I had been acting in for 2 years. I chose to become my own boss, leaving the security of my safe, government-funded college position, and pursuing my dream of being a full-time artist.

Becoming an artist was all the more surprising for someone who had been told at the age of twelve that she couldn’t draw! I set up a textile business initially called su chi, not confident enough to use my own name, a year later this became Suzie Cheel Hand Painted Originals.

This was an exciting time establishing a business and a very rewarding time with such a variety of experiences. I exhibited work in Australia and even USA. I won awards and personally know it was a time of huge growth for me. Regrets? none! I even wrote and illustrated a book at the time called Emergings: A meditation on the emotion of change.

During my time as a textile artist I became a regular columnist for the Australian magazine Textile on making a living in the textile arts and yes, as a textile artist, I did make a good living for many years. All that changed a while back as galleries closed and my passion for the business waned when it became more about business challenge than art.

I had been online since the late 1990s, but it was not till 2006 when I started blogging that I thought about having an online business. Since then I found a new and ever-growing satisfaction in helping others as a Law of Attraction facilitator and abundance coach

Then in July 2011 I had a near death experience (the second in my life) that again has changed the course of my life and my business. I have healed myself and each day I am grateful for my life. This experience has changed my life, I was sitting in a dialysis chair when I asked what was this all about that the message: Suzie this is all about love that I discovered my real purpose, This has led to much soul searching and at the same time provided inspiration for many as I shared my journey.  I have begun writing a book Lucky to Be Alive sharing my healing journey.

I have reclaimed my identity as an artist. And started to share my art online. Now with my new tagline Heart Whisper, I am launching a new range of heart inspired products through my Heart Whisper shop and gallery.

A tip I would share here is to make sure that what you chose to do is in alignment with the whispers of your heart. I have spent too many hours looking outside of me thinking that what someone else had was what I needed to aspire to!  Wrong!  These thoughts and actions took me away from my true heart’s desire.

I now always ask am I listening to my heart’s whisper and does this resonate for me as true and right.

I have found that it is very important when you are your own boss to take time out that is for you, I know not always easy but it is absolutely essential. Develop a routine that empowers you and starts with being grateful for what you have in the moment.

This time I take each day has allowed a new series of paintings to emerge that bring daily delight and inspiration to others as well as to me. Magic happens when we give thanks and take time to meditate each day, start with 5 minutes and see your life change. I find the time I spend in meditation and journaling often births a new idea that will empower me and my clients.

Another tip I have to share is to get your gifts out to the world, don’t wait until it is perfect, that can be a long time coming and doesn’t serve you or the world.

Be consistent in what you share with your community, whether it be a weekly blog post, your ezine, people come to expect it and then they know that you are someone they can know like and trust and that helps build both your community and your business.

Back in 2012 I started Your Weekly Heart Whisper ezine. This is now into year 2 and although it has been a test of my patience, something I needed a big dose of , I can now see this as a gestation period for my next exciting phase The Heart Whisper Revolution.

Heartwhisper 2#9Being your own boss gives you freedom and independence. I love that! Yes you are also alone and my tip here is to connect with other like-minded people, offline or online. I do this mainly online through using Skype, I have my weekly calls with my support team and I highly recommend becoming part of or setting up a mastermind. Setting up a local meetup group is great too as this puts you in the spotlight. You automatically become the leader. Most of all have fun.

I would love to connect with you at Heart Whisper with Suzie Cheel, on Facebook  and on Twitter

You can get your own weekly Heart Whisper here and be notified of my upcoming Heart Whisper Revolution and my book.

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  1. Julie says:

    Wow Suzie, what a great article. I resonated with so much of what you said. What stuck out a mile was taking time for yourself when you run your own business. You can become so fixated with it, that you end up in a very ‘small’ mindset, where it’s the only thing that matters. I’ve been guilty of this, great reminder, thank you. Finally just wanted to say, you’ve really packed a lot into your life! J x

  2. Suzie, something tells me that your artwork is as colorful as the career paths that you have taken. Now here you are with an absolutely beaming post about being your own boss.
    As I navigate my own path, I am truly encouraged/inspired by your courage. You have every right to love the boss because … you are the boss! 🙂

  3. So lovely to learn some more about you Suzie and I am very glad to call you my friend and accountability partner! Thank you also for introducing me to Judith!

  4. Suzie Cheel says:

    Your comment delights me and warms my soul. I would like to use that on my blog if you are okay with that. ♡♡♡

  5. Suzie, it amazes me that you always find more to give when it comes to encouraging others. Your positive energy is such a welcome respite from all the online noise.

  6. Suzie Cheel says:

    Thank you Judith for inviting me to be part of your series. Mel you brought tears to me eyes. I really enjoyed reflecting back on becoming my own boss and loving it. I was reflecting on this on the beach this morning as other people were driving to their work.
    Being one’s own boss is a priviledge and a blessing ♡♡♡

  7. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Melanie, I agree. Your Aunty is a total inspiration. Lucky you! Judith

  8. Melanie says:

    Hi, I am just wanting to say how proud and inspirational my Aunty is. I have learnt so much from her and can only hope I pass on half as much amazing information to my gorgeous children.