Lucky Girls, Lost Mojos and Strangers in My Diary

This week I’ve spoken to a lady between jobs, which isn’t my expertise especially, though helping her to find a lost mojo very definitely is.

And a businessman with his finger in many pies who I tried to persuade to focus on just one or two of the meatier (veggier?) ones. I am not sure yet whether I succeeded, time will tell!

And a personal development hero of mine who is making major life changes for himself and his family, all designed around moving ever closer to work that makes him feel happy and relaxed. Just think of the knock-on benefits of that for those he loves and those he serves.

All of these people – and all of us – can be happy and relaxed and fulfilled, and that may be tied up in what we do for a living whether it be employed or self-employed, or be completely separate from it as it is for perhaps the majority of the workforce who do not necessarily connect the two quite as closely as we self-employed types tend to do.

I do love strangers in my diary, and this week there have been three of them. I know what two of them are creating and there’s one more to go yet on Saturday. Each day is an opportunity to meet new people and, through the healing powers of conversation, like minds, swapping opinions and sharing experiences, to bring them the opportunity to realise how we each create our own reality from our hopes and dreams and aspirations, our vibrations and how we choose to see the world around us, politics or no, elections or no.

I consider us to be fortunate in this. As I remind myself and my clients often, we are lucky Lucky Girls. Thanks to Sharon and Justina who have played the Lucky Girls game with me this week.

If you’d like to be a stranger in my diary, book yourself into one of the Entrepreneur of the Day slots in my online diary – no charge and no strings attached. The first one’s always free.

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