Magic and Miracles for Skeptics

Rabbit out of a HatOne of my clients wrote this week “I have been so skeptical about manifestations but…” and she then went on to list quite a large miracle which had happened to her after she put herself through a cosmic ordering process the previous Sunday (this was Tuesday). She didn’t know she was cosmic ordering, she just thought she was asking for what she wanted.

Her first miracle was a piece about her in her local paper which turned out to be a full page spread with a lovely photo of her and since she’s a photographer, that was perfect. Her other manifestation this last week was increasing her day rate to something meaningful and feeling OK about it. One led to the other, chicken and egg.

Others chipped in with their own miraculous manifestations, agreeing first that what’s important is clarity, get very clear about what you want, ask for it, anticipate it and don’t meddle in the cursed hows:

  • A call from a talent booker to appear as a paid expert on a well-known shopping channel
  • A nice new client who can afford my client’s writing services (which came with free coaching for her daughter)
  • Strange little “coincidences”
  • “Apparently” prescient angel cards
  • “Easy” sales of products and programs
  • Brilliant ideas coming “out of the blue”
  • A massive stroke of Twitter “luck” causing a huge spike in web visitors
  • Unexpected kindnesses and generosities from where you might least expect it
  • Lovely experiences of abundance
  • E-Squared type sightings lots of red cars (without leaving the house) when that’s the ultimate intent

Do you believe in money-making magic and miracles? No? Perhaps that’s the problem. What we’ve noticed in Club 100 is that the more we open our minds and are prepared to experiment, having seen it work for others, the more we allow – in effect – the more of what we want just ‘magically’ shows up. Now if that’s not miraculous, I don’t know what is.

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Cilla, I totally get this and you have expressed it beautifully. Thanks for adding value. Judith x

  2. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Julia

    I read this after our call this morning, all the more wonderful. You told me a lot of this news in our call which is all great. But this puts an even more delicious spin on it that you reckon it came from believe in and investing in yourself. Woo Hoo! What you focus on grows. We are of one mind. Judith x

  3. Julia says:

    Yes, I am believer. I have never been one to invest in myself, but on New Year’s Eve, I took a leap… believing that investing in myself and my business would pay off… trusting that abundance would come if I allowed it, made space for it and welcomed it in. This week alone, I have put my first online course up for sale with 4 sign ups in the space of 48 hours, 3 from people I have never met (and I haven’t even mailed my list yet). I received an email from a client who was previously unable to pay my travel expenses for a project, telling me the project had come in under budget and they could now pay me expenses. The same client has potential work lined up for me this Summer with a day rate higher than I have ever quoted. They also had a meeting today with the one gallery in London I have always said I want to work with. So grateful. I await good news and have faith. So happy to read of the miracles, manifestations and success of others… what you focus on grows. So glad to be amongst your clients, let’s keep on believing and sharing our successes and good news. X

  4. Cilla says:

    I have absolutely realised that having faith in miracles changes everything. Just the change in mindset, from fear about not having enough to trust that I do have enough and will not be cast out onto the street, have started a regular flow of miracles, including totally unexpected sales. My gratitude amplifies day by day, it’s just overwhelming. “look at the flowers! they don’t worry about what to wear!” that’s somewhere in the Bible.

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