Magic: 31 Days of Abundance, Day 15

MagicMagic. That’s another thing I’ve got plenty of. I’d like even more of it. It’s why my strapline is Money-Making Magic for Enlightened Entrepreneurs. It’s the ethos I use when working with my clients and for those who get the magic, it really accelerates their progress. Some are naturals at it. We are at least mostly of one mind; perhaps kindred spirits is a better way to say that. We prefer intentions to goals, allowing to forcing, and we love all things magic and manifestation. We’re up for an experiment or two, to see how it goes. And, of course, ever abundant I do allow my clients to take it or leave it.

I know. For an ex-accountant, it is barking mad. That’s one of the things I love best about it actually, the contrast. I’ve got one foot in both camps and it’s precisely that which is steadying, balancing. As I see it, both legs in either camp would be precisely the opposite, lop-sided.

One of my clients from last Saturday, also an accountant, sent this after our call which sums it up pretty neatly:

“Thank you very much for today – I don’t think I’ve ever discussed abundance/woo woo etc. in such a matter of fact way, and for me that has really helped, as has the abundance of advice, support and encouragement – so thank you again for a really insightful hour.”

She completely got it because I didn’t have to persuade her of anything because she’s jammy and she already has some woo woo working for her in her life. And it was nice to be able to acknowledge that out loud without looking over her shoulder, whispering, apologising or feeling a bit flaky. We both not only speak the language of accountants, we speak the language of magic too. Ace.

What I notice though is that this is polarising, which is just perfect for a niche. By which I mean it is quite a turnoff for many but those who know that this is how their lives work or newbies who would like to play some more in the magic, well it’s just perfect for them. And me.

So this morning I was encouraging a client to write a list entitled Wouldn’t It Be Lovely If… a list of things she would like to manifest during the summer holidays. Now, don’t get me wrong, she’s done the work and she continues to do the work. This is just a way of leaving room for the Big U to step in and support her, to take some of the load off. And inspired by my client, as I so often am, I then wrote such a list myself and emailed it to me at 12.45. Item 2 on my 11-point list manifested almost immediately. Note to self: Must ask for more divine help.

What would you love to manifest across the summer? What’s on your Wouldn’t It Be Lovely List?

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