Make Time for What’s Important

time-1739629_640I nearly entitled this piece Make Time for Marketing because it was a conversation with a client with that “problem” which inspired it.

Like so many of us, my client is a busy woman and yet again, she reported, something had got in the way of her doing her marketing. She had a slot put aside for it in her diary, but it didn’t happen.

We talked around it for a while and she found her own solution in the end but not before we’d explored several different ways in which that might be achieved and several different reasons why it might be happening in the first place.

For me, it is a shame that my client who is such a genius at her main thing does that thing a disservice and sabotages her own sales targets and success by skipping the one activity which will bring it to the attention of her paying customers and subscribers – marketing.

And it is not even, in this instance, as if she doesn’t like doing it or that she doesn’t know what to do. We are such complex creatures. And it occurred to me that this is about so much more than marketing.

What’s the thing you can never find time for?

Two thoughts:

  1. Either it’s not important enough and you should simply drop it off your list, or
  2. It is important to you, so what are you letting get in the way, and why?

Let’s have a think about what those reasons could be and what we can do about them.

Friends and family and taking care of their needs before your own. It could easily be this one, especially if you work at home and are multi-tasking as a parent/home-maker. The solution can sometimes be as simple as shutting the door to the room you work in, saying no, creating better boundaries and teaching people how to respect you when you are working at home. This works better once your children are older. But it starts with you taking yourself seriously too, to the extent that your life allows right now.

Your emotions. What are you getting so tied up in emotionally which means you cannot focus in this moment on what you know needs doing in your business? You might find it interesting to train yourself to recognise that whatever you are thinking about is causing your feelings. Change that thought and change the feelings to something which will enable you to get your work done now. You can always come back to the (over)thinking (if you really must!) tonight or over the weekend, like people have to when they work in day jobs.

Distractions. Stop it immediately. Turn them off. If you have no self-discipline, find the app that does that for you. Close all the windows and the tabs and the apps and just focus on the job at hand. You will be amazed how quickly it gets done if you stop with the multi-tasking already. This is another area you may need to train yourself in because the other stuff is deceptively addictive.

Not having a strong enough vision. Have you forgotten why you are doing it? What would help you re-connect with that? Don’t necessarily rush to that now. Again that’s something you could do in your leisure time. The thing you are avoiding doing is the thing to do now, you can update your vision board later!

Accountability. Can’t get it done without a boss breathing down your neck? Pop into a Facebook group of which you are a member and out yourself. Tell us what you are going to do by when and know that we will care enough about you to pop back at the appointed hour and ask you to show us your results.

What are you swerving and why?

You can make time for anything provided it is important enough to you. What you love always gets done (note) so all we need to do is find a way for you to love this thing, or yourself, enough to make time for it. Or get it done by someone else. Or ‘fess up to the fact that you don’t like it, don’t want it, can’t ever see yourself getting around to it, and that it’s a should not a want.

Get it done or get it gone!

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