Making a Business Out of Who You Are…Ready or Not

holiday at the beachI am drawing to my coaching business a lot of clients who, whether they realise it or not, want to make a business out of who they are. OK, a lot of them are Stars. But not exclusively so.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are fed up with the division between their personal life and their professional life, they want to merge the two. Two clients alone (out of three so far today) have talked about this and they are not alone. This is a conversation I am having all the time. Not to worry, I enjoy it and it is unique each time too, like my client.

The recession has something to do with it. We see people who are fed up with struggle and go off and simply live the alternative life their dreams, ready or not. It’s the ready or not bit I love best; it’s entrepreneurial. There’s no right time to do anything, so why not just get on and follow your heart? Today.

These people are writers, mothers, photographers, coaches, artists, actors, performers, adventurers, thinkers, environmentalists, foodies, creatives, health experts, storytellers and all sorts of real human beings who want to derive an income from being who they are, and sharing the expertise they have accumulated in their lives to date for the benefit of others.

Thus the things you have learned as a mother, a lawyer or someone who has found a way out of health challenges, they become your business, your way of helping others. You are a guru with a small g, an expert with a small e. You are in the information business and your story inspires others and gives them hope.  You might monetise this by writing and selling a book, public speaking, coaching, workshops, consultations, who knows where this might lead? And frankly do you need to bother yourself with that at this stage? Why not just start and see what happenss? You are a thought leader and an adventurer. Go for it!

How can you make a business out of your own authenticity? Or how can you simply bring more of you to your work of choice?

If it’s the right time for you to make a business out of who you really are, I’d love to talk to you about the possibilities and the potential.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Claire Westwood says:

    Ready or not, here I start……

  2. Kerry says:

    Judith Oh Judith,
    I love this. I am looking forward to our call later and this starts it off nicely. In fact our ‘conversation’ started as soon as I pressed the button to book it in. I love having a powerful coach! Roll on 2pm!

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