Making Decisions From A Place Of Love Rather Than Fear

The following feedback has been received from Nadira about her membership of my Money-Making Magic Google Group. I have her permission to share.

Dear All,

I have been a mostly silent follower and reader of your emails and discussions.  Immersed in my business-growing efforts and challenges, I nevertheless appreciated getting droplets of wisdom from everyone, especially the fabulous Judith, who led me to this group in the first place.

Now it’s time for me to say my thanks. With my new wisdom of doing what’s needed, of manifesting my goals and then letting go of the fear of not getting them, the Universe is rewarding me with some awesome results. In the last few weeks of January I reached the record number of clients for my career coaching business. While I see this as the result of everything I’ve been putting in (consistent action, self-belief, letting go of attachment to outcome and to the ‘Right’ way of doing things) if I can pinpoint one particular thing, it will be making decisions from the place of Love, rather than being governed by Fear.

Thank you all, especially Judith, Marion (Marion designed a superb website for me, having been patient with my ever-changing requests and tastes), Anne and Yvonne, for the inspiration!


Nadira ArtykNadira

Nadira A.

Career & Executive Consultant & Coach

Author of forthcoming book “Courage To Start Afresh”


Nadira helps expat professionals in Paris, Brussels and London to find ideal jobs, change careers and raise visibility.

If you’d like to make the sort of financial breakthroughs and business success that Nadira describes and join her and others just like her including Marion, Yvonne and Anne who helped to inspire Nadira’s success, check out the Money-Making Magic Group here. Membership is currently free.

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