Manifestation Magnificence

It all started in August with Bianca, my friend and neighbour, who I invited round to help with some clutter clearing.   I knew that Bianca had PA skills, amongst many others, and so she was just the Top Bird to assist me with a chore I couldn’t quite bring myself to do alone, with no accountability.   We got an appointment in the diary to get it done and dusted.   Afterwards, as a reward, we had lunch in the garden and Bianca said words to the effect “Judith, I believe a Big Cheque will come into your life now that we have created this space”.   I sort of agreed with her and I sort of disagreed with her.

To cut a long story short, before we had finished our chores for the day, I had found a piece of paper (filed, I might add) which was a list of invoices I was due to send out and I could instantly see that there was one I had forgotten to invoice.   For £10,500 (ten thousand five hundred pounds).   Yes, I know.   What sort of accountant forgets to invoice £10,500?   Anyway, that cheque arrived today and so Bianca was right… a big cheque did come into my life as a direct result of our August clutter-clearing.

That started the flow and its still coming.   Since then I have manifested:

  • £500
  • £5,000
  • £50,000
  • a flat I have wanted for 22 months (and said that out loud and in my head – a lot!)
  • the money for the deposit for the flat the night before I knew I needed it
  • a free holiday in the sunshine with a chauffeur to take me to the airport and back
  • an opportunity to share a virtual stage with one of my own personal gurus, Sandy Forster.

As you have probably heard me say before, I credit Sandy Forster’s affirmations with a great deal of my abundance, possibly this entire list – together with Bianca of course, who attracts in her wake an energy which draws magnificence to her.

I am grateful for the abundance which shows up in my life every day and I am thoroughly enjoying every suprise.   The other day Bianca came with me to the bank to pay in another big cheque and she said we had to shout Woo Woo  or Woo Hoo in the bank and wave our arms in celebration in a sort of gratitude dance.   I did it.   Today, when banking alone I wasnt sure whether I actually had to do this in the bank or if I could do it on the pavement or in the privacy of my own home.   Gentle Reader, I did do it, for B’s sake.    She can be very certain of the importance of such rituals and she’s right.   Raise your vibration at every available opportunity.

And then, of course, I had to say it again when the Sandy Forster excitement happened.

What’s showing up in your life?   You do know you create your own reality, don’t you?   Equally I feel it’s important to know that everything is cyclical.   There have been times in my life where I have manifested debt, floods and all sorts of drama and unrequited love, near bankruptcy and repossessions.   I know everything is an energy.   I sometimes feel that manifesting is like walking a tightrope.   What happens if I look down and catch myself in the act?   If I become hyper-aware, I might fall off.   How can I hop back on and take it lightly?

So Bianca and I are creating a group experiment where we can explore how we do these things.   Will exploration help or hinder?   Will we discover that this is better done in a group or solo?   Our vision is global, we are drawing some ace manifesters to us, it isnt all about money, no, that’s just my focus as you know so naturally that’s what I will manifest as it’s where I put my intention.   Our global experiment is broader than that, it will involve tithing of energy and money, and bringing into existence things that weren’t there before.  

Creating.   As if by magic.   Woo Woo.

Our global experiment kicks off with a meeting on 23rd October in SW London (because of the ley lines) and once I have the manifesto from the invitation-only Founder Members, I will be able to share with you how you can get involved and add your energy to our manifesting magnificence. 

If you would like to be magnificent at manifesting and would like to be one of our global creators, would you leave a comment so I can be sure to let you know?

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  1. Pooja says:

    Hi, very keen on learning n participating, n love ur write ups 🙂

  2. Linda Irvine says:

    I love your blogs Judith
    Yes I am a believer, and I am manifesting rubbish right now and I know I am creating it. It’s self doubt
    Count me in


  3. Donna James says:

    Yes please Judith please keep me updated, I would like to be magnificent at manifesting and contribute my energy along with others.

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