Manifestation: Now I’m A Believer

I’ve been on all the courses, I’ve tapped (EFT) with the best IMHO – Ms Ann Ross.   She taught me and my crew how to apply it to health, wealth and happiness.   And it works.  Amongst our number were those (well, Janet Swift) who appeared to be able to do it effortlessly, whereas I always “needed” my success to come at the expense of some really, really hard work.   Now, don’t get me wrong, our Janet is far from a slacker, au contraire.   But she made manifestation look easy and I have been modelling myself on her easy manifestation successes ever since.   What would Janet Swift do?   She’d ask in the expecation of being given, then she would let go, confident in the knowledge that what she had cosmically ordered would simply be delivered.

Well, Gentle Reader, I’m delighted to tell you I’ve cracked it at last.   It might be a bit like riding a bike, one success doesn’t yet make me a natural.   I’ve still got my stabilisers on, but when you get into the groove with this stuff it really is as they say (and I teach) easy and effortless.   I KNOW these principles work but to see it show up in one’s own real life is quite a buzz.

What AM I banging on about?  The Cosmic Ordering I did for the weekend’s Money Gym Property Extravaganza.   The venue held 232.   I decided early on I wanted about 210 but had to cut it down once I saw the size of the volunteer team and the the speakers and their posses.   So I targeted myself at 200 and my final tally appears to be 193.  As Jack Canfield said in The Secret when he targetted himself at $100,000 but only manifested just over $90,000, did he mind?   Did he heck as like!

Whilst putting in the work, I added in a new trick.   A little bit of tapping, but a lot more visualisation.   Every night before I went to sleep I closed my eyes and saw myself standing on a stage in front of 200 people.   Ten rows of ten on either side of the auditorium.   I kept that up for about six weeks, and so it came to pass.   Voila!   If I have done that once, I can do it again, whatever I turn my energies to.   Take That tickets at Wembley in a private box, a beautiful garden full of flowers, a nice new pair of comfy black shoes, and so on.

Janet Swift, Ann Ross and The Money Gym Property Extravaganza  have made a believer out of me.  

Perhaps THE most extraordinary aspect of all of this was that one client bought her ticket at 10.45 the night before, and as I closed my computer at 6 a.m. on the day of the gig I imagined that she would be the last.   But no, four bought tickets while were in the car en route to the venue, and another eight turned up at the venue expecting to get in without a reservation!   There was nothing short of a rampage of last-minute enthusiasm to get in.   Just awesome.

And here’s a satisfying little PS.   After we went to The Big Issue Real Lives Real Achievements evening last Tuesday, I decided that the Big Issue films were such a stonking story that they needed a wider audience and so I set about getting on the radio, or achieving some PR.   Nada.   Zip.   The media pros didnt agree with me that it was a good story.   And guess what happened today?   Yes, that’s right!   A PR company called wanting to write up the story.   The lady completely got  it, the tie up between The Big Issue and property investors raising a large chunk of cash to help the homeless help themselves.   We way exceeded our target of £4,500 on that by the way, watch this space and I will fill you in when I get to my final reckoning.

Thanks to all those who bought a ticket, donated via PayPal, supported in any way, volunteers and conscripts, the generosity of the speakers and the delegates with their prizes an additional donations on the day and the exit cash bucket which brought forth another £675.00.   Is it me, or are people in the midst of a “worldwide recession” digging deeper than ever before?   How does that work?  No idea, I am just terribly grateful that it does.

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  1. Lee Duncan says:


    My first visit to your blog and what would you know – synchronicity at play. I “work hard” at my visualisations/attractions too and have recently had the revelation that if I think it’s going to be hard, it obviously will be! I’ve been starting to relax and enjoy the whole attraction thing more recently and so it’s great that I’m not alone – you’ve made my Monday, thanks!


  2. Jane Unsworth says:

    Hi Judith

    This is a great read … about the meaning of Abundance. I particularly like your honesty in ‘keeping it real’ and here’s to your good work. Sounds as though you’re on a roll …


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