March 2010 As A Social Entrepreneur – In Which I Learn Patience

In January, I was shocked and somewhat embarrassed that I could find £1500 a month to strip out of my budget, what with having spent five years as a Wealth Coach and all.  Needs must; slash and burn.   I miss the laundry most but almost nothing else.   Shocking.

In March things begin to look slightly jollier as my two-year fixed mortgage deal comes to an end and my mortgage drops from over £1200 pcm to somewhere in the £700 region.   Woo Hoo!

I finally embrace the garden office and move into it, re-naming it The Abundance Shed and so it is. Days spent down here are abundant, loving and productive.   Its full of light and its peaceful and I’m surrounded by all manner of nature, which mostly I don’t comprehend and they repay the compliment. Visitors remark upon my good fortune and I know that to be true.

And now I have a project to keep me off the streets and away from iPlayer, The Million Entrepreneurs, and The Abundance Shed becomes our Global HQ!   I think about sign-writing it thus.

Sandra and I toil away at the website and I hope to launch by Easter but she has a cold which takes her out for a week and then a conference in Vancouver which takes her out for longer.   In the last year, she has married, then moved into their first home and they have three dogs, all of which conspire to keep Sandra in her own life and not sufficiently in my website for my impatient liking.   She’s a trooper but its like pulling teeth sometimes.   Despite that, we manage to get the basic structure in place before the end of the month.   She has to – in her own words – “get her geek on”!

I learn patience.

I join Marion’s Article Writing Bootcamp and manage to publish just one article after wresting control of my Ezine Articles profile back from someone I used to pay to write articles for me.   I have to ‘fess up to Marion that I signed on before inventing T1ME and now my focus is elsewhere, but I loyally make it to all six calls and Marion delivers and then some.

For my radio show I interview Tom Evans, the Bookwright, at the behest of Sue Blake his publicist, and find that he is a most extraordinary man so I extend the show from 15 to 30 minutes while he and I indulge a mutual love of Woo Woo.   He invites me as his guest to his workshop on 15th March which I accept with alactrity and he invites me to bring along three pals for the price of two,which I also do.   Sharon, Janet and Sara.   We have no idea at that time how prescient this day is, or how perfect it is that Janet & Sharon should take up the invitation to come too.

On 3rd March, Claire creates the T1ME Facebook page and on 10th March Marion creates the banner design.   Claire finds that image on DreamsTime which we all love, lots of little people holding hands around the world which is right on message.

On 17th March I draw an abundance of prizes in my super dooper list migration competition and hand them out to Dawn, Anne, Susan, Hanah, Doreen, Margaret, Lisa K, Beryl, Grace, Katie, Marina, Lisa J, Gillian, Karen, Heather, Olivia, Carole, Yvette & Christine.   Many are still to take up their prizes, having opted in.   Bizarre!   Just goes to show, people don’t appear to want stuff for free?   Come to think of it, I don’t much so no suprises that’s what I manifest.   Or it could be that all my energy is drawn elsewhere.

On 17th March I have lunch with Jane Puckett, colleague and friend. Jane is an expert in Dreams.   The strapline of The Million Entrepreneurs is all about their dreams.   I ask Jane if she will be one of the T1ME experts and I take news of how one’s dreams can be the divine and subconsious Sat Nav providing nightly guidance to TheCreationExperiment’s March meeting and we agree to invite Jane as our guest at our Summer Party at my house in July.

On 3oth March, Marie and I have lunch with Sue Blake. Marie is thinking of writing another book and I just want to catch up with Tom’s publicist. It seems somehow “right” that 2010 is the year in which I should attract both a book coach and a publicist.  No idea why yet…yeah, right!

And on 31st March I take a call with Intuitive Coach Lynn Robinson courtesy of Marie Taylor again and Lynn, without knowing anything about TheMillionEntrereneurs opens the call with how she knows I am called to a Big Mission and we then happily spend an hour talking about just that.

And I manage to bash out a Word document which outlines my vision for my Social Enterprise.

But I’m still not out of The Fertile Void, although many magical manifestations have begun in the unseen.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Great stuff, Judith, isn;t life strange, the twists and turns are amazing. Little do we know what the Universe has in store for us. We just need to trust that everything is happening perfectly, and it is. xx

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