Marketing Our Own Podcast: Radio Show #157

In last week’s podcast, we debated its future. Would we keep it or kill it off? In this week’s show, we have decided to keep it going for a while and to re-frame how we think and feel about it and how we measure its success.

Nicola confesses she was suffering last week from a bout of comparisonitis with younger podcasts which appear to be doing better. We used to measure our own podcast’s success by reviews at iTunes which are notoriously difficult to persuade listeners to do for us and iTunes doesn’t make it easy. We know that our listeners enjoy the show while doing other things which are incompatible with leaving reviews. They are shopping, making meals and changing beds and travelling, not necessarily all at once, but they are standy-up jobs or driving jobs, not sitty-down ones at your desk necessarily, and you do need to be sitting down to navigate your way to iTunes and work out how to leave a review. Or, should I say, I do!

So instead we are going to count downloads a.k.a. the number of listens as monitored by Libsyn.

And we are going to up our own game when it comes to marketing the podcast and asking our fans to help with that too, enjoining them in our Own It! Supporters and Sharers Facebook Group because it is easy for us to put content in there which is very shareable. Easier than via our Facebook Page which is rather unloved, and easier than using our existing closed Facebook Group because that’s a confidential space where listeners can ask for help and advice, and discuss matters arising from each show. We are also going to harness the various powers of Click to Tweet, Lumen5 and Wavve, all designed to help us spread the digital/online word (and the audio and the video) and make it easy for those who want to help us keep podcasting.

LISTEN HERE to Episode #157 of OWN IT! the Podcast: Marketing This Podcast.

In other news, our words of the week are Snowflake (I have discovered I am one) and Collaboration is Nicola’s choice.

I’m chuffed to bits with a couple of new things; I’ve achieved 1,000 organic Likes on my Facebook Page firstly. Clients ask is that a significant number? No, not as far as I am aware. It is significant to me though as I put the majority of my Facebook attention on my Page in the run-up to the publication of my first proper book. And my pal, David, has given me his cast-off iPad which was younger, faster and slimmer than my 2011 version. I have lavished a new cable and cover and mini-sim on it and I’m good to go, transferred all the data from my old one to the new one like the tech genius I was truly born to be. Seamless. Even Eric, my top computer chap, was obliged to agree with my self-appointed genius status. But he was being a kind cheerleader, he’s a top bloke like that.

Some thoughtful feedback from a client currently travelling in India helped me understand something about my own coaching style this week. She said she liked working with me because I see the health and success in clients, not their brokenness. Yup, I don’t see brokenness amongst my clients. Certainly not. I may be the Queen of Postive Thinking, but you are not broken. A bit bonkers perhaps, but then aren’t we all amongst the serried ranks of the self-employed? All good to me, in fact the more bonkers the better. Bring it on.

Nicola booked her flights home for three weeks at Xmas and then discovered there might not be accommodation for her. Oops! But all is going well with Write Club and her sci-fi trilogy for which she has banged up a Facebook page and, if I’m not mistaken, and I’m usually not, she’s bought the domain name too. Her Be Everywhere Online client, Kate, has had a busy few weeks but it mattered not a jot to their campaign because leads continued to come in any way thanks to the historic work they’d already got in the marketing bank.

Not much news this week from me by way of a project (book) update, as predicted, waiting on third parties now, that’s all that’s left. And Nicola talks about creating a podcast with her writing group and I tell her about the game of Ex Libris and its sister Ex Libris Live podcast.

And finally, we share what’s impressed us this week. For me, it was Adazing where I got a free 3D cover for my book plus 28 other groovy images for social media use for use twelve dollars. And Nicola enthuses about ConvertFox which does lots of desirable online-y things for about $300 a month less than she’s paying now to have them separately. Check out their $49 for life offer before it disappears forever in 11 days’ time which, by the time you read this, will be down to about three days, but you will still be in time. Quick!


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